Nitrafix – Aquarium Ammonia Removal


Nitrafix – Aquarium Ammonia Removal provides specific nitrifying bacteria like Nitrospora, Nitrosopora, Nitrosomonas, and  Nitrobacter to boost the nitrogen cycle, significantly reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite levels, and revamp the biofiltration cycle. This product is in a very high concentrate form and devoid of phosphate and nitrogen nutrients.

Naturally remove ammonia without the use of chemicals through the natural process of nitrification.  Nitrifying bacteria in Nitrafix work together to push and pull the nitrite and nitrate out of the water. This removes ammonia and leaves the aquatic life unharmed.

Important Note: Many textbooks identify Nitrosomonas as the leading strain in nitrification, but our testing has proven Nitrosopira as more important and successful.


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Where Does Ammonia Come From?

Ammonia enters aquariums in a few ways. The majority of ammonia is discharged from the fish themselves, but also comes from organic matter from dead plants, uneaten fish food and fish waste, which contains an amino group that consists of forms of nitrogen that ultimately releases ammonia into the water. In most cases high levels of ammonia and nitrite will stop the fish’s ability to absorb oxygen.  Ammonia is completely soluble and colorless, so a crystal clear tank may still have high ammonia levels, and we advise you to test the tank especially within the first year or two of starting a tank or pond.

Avoid “New Pond Syndrome”

New Pond Syndrome is situation when toxic levels accumulate immediately and can cause disease and fish deaths.  It can occur within the first year or so of starting an aquarium. These levels start with improper pH, water hardness, and alkalinity levels, which ultimately causes high ammonia. In New Pond Syndrome the biological filter is off balance, but Nitrafix will restart the biofilter cycle, remove ammonia, and provide a healthy environment for aquatic life.

Biofilter Cycle - NitrificationImprove the Biological Filter Cycle

A healthy biofilteration system consists of active non-harmful bacteria that recycle waste, ammonia, and other compounds into less toxic particles. Hetrotrophic bacteria are responsible for digesting and recycling organic waste, which is partially converted into ammonia. Autotrophic nitrifying bacteria like Nitrosopiras and Nitrosonomas convert ammonia into nitrite, and nitrite is consumed and converted into nitrate by Nitrospiras and Nitrobacters.  Nitrafix provides high concentrations of autotrophic nitrifying bacteria to balance the biological filter.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Naturally Remove Ammonia
  • Improves Biological Filtration
  • Great for Startup Tanks
  • Stops New Pond Syndrome
  • Recycles and Improves Biological Filter

Beware of Other Aquarium Ammonia Removal Products

Most aquarium ammonia removal products are chemical based that may neutralize the ammonia, but do not solve the source of the problem and does not benefit the biofilter cycle. There are other nitrifying products, but include high levels of phosphates. In our test of our competitors solution, we found 400 ppm PO4.  This may cause issues with water clarity.  These nitrifying products also have an unknown shelf life and do not require refrigeration.

Note: Nitrafix by NO MEANS removes, controls, or alters algae and algal nutrients.


Nitrafix requires refrigeration. Do not use this product with aquatic medications or copper based algaecides. Protein skimmers and UV lights must be turned off prior to use and remain off for 3-4 days after applying.

Wholesale Distributors Needed!

Aquafix is looking to improve your ammonia control products. Nitrafix – Aquarium Ammonia Removal is a product containing high concentrations of live nitrifying bacteria to regenerate an aquarium or pond’s biological filter. This product will instantly remove ammonia without the use of any chemicals. Quantity and packaging are subject to discussion. For all inquiries, please email or call at 888-757-9577

Nitrafix Case Studies

Tilapia Farm


In November, a tilapia farm in Texas lost nitrification and ammonia spiked to 8 mg/l. Being at a toxic level they needed to act fast. The tank had a 300,000 gal per day flow, a water temperature of 65 degrees F, and a pH of 7.6.  They needed something strong and highly potent.


They added our Nitrafix at 40 oz initially, followed by 4 oz per day for the remaining 9 days.


NitrafixGraphDRAFT In three days, the ammonia was below 1 mg/l, a safe and healthy level. They haven’t had to add Nitrafix since.


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