Log in to wastewater training talks given by our head of technical services to gain a deeper understanding of the causes behind common wastewater challenges, and learn new techniques for overcoming these challenges. You can also check out past topics in on Webinar Archives.

January 25Nitrification & Ammonia Removal

Nitrifiers are the most fragile bacteria in your wastewater plant, and the slowest to regrow. Here’s how we speed the recovery when nitrification goes out.
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March 29Lagoons

Learn how sludge accumulation causes and contributes to the vast majority of lagoon problems, and options for overcoming those challenges.
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June 22Anaerobic Troubleshooting

Getting the most from your anaerobic digesters.
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July 26Red Worms & Midge Flies

Get rid of annoying midge flies by eliminating the redworms that hatch into them. Learn about the midge fly life cycle, and how to get rid of them.
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August 24Everything About Algae in Your Lagoon

Given by our partners at AlgaXperts
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September 27Grease - Collection System, WWTP

An overview of the many options for dealing with Fats, Oils, and Grease in a collection system. Learn to exploit FOG’s weaknesses to make your life easier.
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December 6Foam-Causing Filaments

Think there has to be a better way to get rid of filaments than chlorinating? THERE IS! We’ll focus on how to get rid of filaments by addressing the underlying cause.
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