Hydrogen sulfide (or H2S) is a colorless, toxic and flammable gas. Hydrogen sulfide is considered a broad-spectrum poison, meaning that it can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected.

H2S Toxicity Physical Reaction
0.03 ppm Can smell. Exposure is safe for up to 8 hours.
4 ppm May cause eye irritation. Mask must be used, as it damages metabolism.
10 ppm 10 minute maximum exposure. Kills smell in 3-15 min. Causes gas eye and throat injury. Reacts violently with dental mercury amalgam fillings.
20 ppm Exposure for more than 1 min causes severe injury to eye nerves.
30 ppm Loss of smell, injury to blood brain barrier through olfactory nerves.
100 ppm Respiratory paralysis in 30-45 min. Needs prompt artificial resuscitation. Will become unconscious quickly (15 min max).
200 ppm Serious eye injury and permanent damage to eye nerves. Stings eye and throat.
300 ppm Loses sense of reasoning and balance. Respiratory paralysis in 30-45 min.
500 ppm Asphyxia! Needs prompt artificial resuscitation. Will become unconscious in 3-5 min. Immediate artificial resuscitation is required.
700 ppm Breathing will stop and death will result if not rescued promptly, immediate unconsciousness. Permanent brain damage may result unless rescued promptly.

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