In this lagoon sludge webinar, Aquafix Technical Service Manager John Dinneen focuses on common causes of lagoon sludge and effective treatment practices. Learn about our biological approaches to get your lagoon performing like it did when it was young. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


3:57 – Why does lagoon sludge build up? What is the sludge?
9:08 – Why is sludge accumulation a problem?
15:14 – Sludge Judging!
17:18 – How to get rid of it; dredging, biological treatment.
22:34 – Aquafix lagoon treatments.
30:03 – What happens to the sludge during biological treatment.

VitaStim Sludge Reducer

Sludge Reducer naturally decreases sludge blanket thickness at 1/10th the cost of dredging. With VitaStim Sludge Reducer you can easily remove 30-60% of sludge from your lagoon. As the bacteria go to work consuming organics you’ll also notice improvements in effluent BOD, TSS, and decreased odor.

VitaStim Summer Slam

VitaStim Summer Slam is a blend of biostimulants and select bacterial cultures designed to explode in warm temperatures, thus degrading sludge and waste at dramatic rates.

OxyPaks XL

OxyPaks XL is an oxygen source that is used is wastewater lagoons, as well as sand and rock filters, to accelerate the digestion of sludge and prevent odors. This product allows the VitaStim Lagoon Line to better penetrate the sludge and degrade it.


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