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Have a problem with  toxicity, foaming and filaments? Have a mysterious algae forming or lost nitrification?

Aquafix offers three different levels of wastewater testing to provide the right solution. We send out a test kit with everything you need. We’ll ship it there, you just handle the return shipping and lab fee.

*For best results and recommendations, please completely fill out the Sample Analysis Form included in kit.

To discuss test levels and determine what you need, call 888.757.9577.

  • Microanalysis & Filament Origins ($425.00)
  • Proactive Microanalysis Program ($1,200.00)
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Lab Testing Services

Benefits of Lab Services

Aquafix is a fully equipped microbiology laboratory in the UW Madison Research Park. There we have the latest technology as well as the expertise of a top university with well respected limnology, microbiological and phycology departments.

Depending on your issue:

  • Full understanding of what is in your water, mixed liquor and effluent
  • Exact type of filaments and their origin
  • Full understanding of what is causing loss in nitrification
  • Full treatment recommendations from our in-house microbiologists

What is included in the Test Kit?

What’s Included in Microanalysis & Filament Origins Testing?

  • A review of major and minor filaments plus subspecies with Gram and Neisser staining
  • Testing of EPS sliming
  • Precise explanation of their presence and origin
  • Analysis of protozoa and metazoa in the system
  • Analysis of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations
  • Results returned by e-mail and hard copy
  • 3-4 day turnaround

What’s Included in Treatability Study Testing?

  • Comprehensive Treatability Study – a comparison of treatment options
  • Treatment recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of the entire wastewater system
  • Includes the Microanalyses & Filament Origins Test
  • Great for odor control issues
  • Results returned by e-mail and hard copy
  • 2-16 week turnaround

Go to our Wastewater Testing Services page to learn more about the process of the Treatability Study.
*Call 888.757.9577 for Treatability Study pricing.

What’s included in the Proactive Microanalysis Program?

  • 4 Microanalysis and Filament Origin tests, use at your own pace
  • Spot potential problems before they become a major issue
  • Filament ID, EPS Sliming, Floc Structure and Oxygen Penetration, and More
  • Helpful recommendations to improve biology function and optimize treatment plant
  • Get a clearer picture of how your plant conditions evolve over time

Other testing is available – talk to your rep to see what we can do to help your process

Sample of Lab Report

Click here for a lab report sample

Why Choose Us?

  • Aquafix has a proven track record at solving a wide variety of wastewater issues
  • Aquafix provides a technical yet clear understanding of your test results
  • Aquafix provides a wide variety of bacterial, biocatalyst and biostimulant products to solve each and very individual wastewater issue

2 reviews for Lab Services – Test Kit

  1. Terry J.

    I learned more in twenty minutes of talking with the Bugman than in my twenty years of running this wastewater plant. You are of great service.

  2. Steve

    I run wastewater operations in a cheese plant and occasionally we get biological mysteries that go above and beyond our capability. We’ve learned a tremendous amount working with Aquafix.

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