VitaStim Surfactants – Surfactant Digesting Bacteria

Wash your hands of surfactants once and for all with VitaStim Surfactants.

We selected the highly specialized pseudomonas bacteria cultures in this blend for their ability to degrade surfactants and emulsions.

An excellent product for industrial or municipal wastewater plants that receive heavy amounts of surfactants or emulsions that can affect settling and foam.

  • 30 lb. container, 1 lb. water-soluble packs
  • 30 lb. container, 1/2 lb. water-soluble packs

VitaStim Surfactants Applications

  • Industrial Wastewater Plants
  • Municipal Wastewater Plants

VitaStim Surfactants Benefits

  • Creates a healthier biomass under toxic conditions
  • Prevents foaming and bulking
  • Increases cell metabolism
  • Provides better BOD removal
  • Provides fast recovery from high loadings
  • Improves settling
  • Reduces sludge production
  • Easier plant operations

VitaStim Surfactants Case Study

Manufacturer of Luxury Soaps Controls Fatty Acid Foaming



High Lauric and Stearic Fatty Acids


Qwik-Zyme L, VitaStim Surfactants


An organic chemical manufacturer in North Carolina contacted us about foam being generated in their treatment system. They use a series of two lagoons, with high aeration in the first lagoon to pretreat their waste stream before sending it to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The waste stream has high concentrations of lauric and stearic acids which contribute to influent BOD 600 ppm, and COD 200 ppm. The system was not achieving complete breakdown of these fatty acids as the waste stream moved quickly through the system. The operator began using VitaStim Surfactants to add new bacteria cultures which break-down of fatty acids. This improvement was enough to make the customer happy, but we thought that adding our Qwik-Zyme L, liquid biocatalyst product, would help break down the fatty acids even more quickly. The biocatalyst accelerated the process, a huge benefit in this waste stream with a short detention time. The combination of biocatalyst and bacteria brought the systems effluent waste stream down to BOD 8.1 ppm, and COD .4 ppm.


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