VitaStim Low F:M – Food to Microorganism Control

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Many of today's municipal wastewater treatment plants are over designed for current incoming food levels.

When the pounds of food (BOD) coming into wastewater plants is low relative to the pounds of bacteria (MLSS) this is called a Low Food to Microorganism ratio or Low F:M.

The F:M ratio may also be low if a plant gets a lot of inflow and infiltration (I and I).

*Severe underloading or chronic issues? Learn more about VitaStim Low F:M Companion Products.

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The Science Behind It

Problems such as low food conditions can cause filamentous bulking and a cloudy effluent and operators struggle to keep their bugs alive.

To help plants that have low incoming food we have developed VitaStim Low F:M a bioaugmentation product this uses bacteria that culture and floc well in low food conditions.

In addition, it contains micronutrients that are steroids for the existing bacterial cultures.  VitaStim Low F:M stimulates the development of a robust biomass of floc forming bacteria that provide excellent nutrient uptake, better settling, less filamentous and a clean effluent.


This oxidation ditch has low F:M and uses our VitaStim Low F:M to reduce filaments, improve settling and clarify the effluent.

VitaStim Low F:M – Appplications

  • Wastewater Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Chemical Plants


  • Creates a healthier biomass
  • Prevents filaments
  • Improves settling
  • Improves nutrient removal

Companion Products

SmartBOD aids with severely underloaded plants or plants suffering from chronic issues. While VitaStim Low F:M addresses most reasons for low food, SmartBOD can supplement the areas VitaStim doesn’t cover. This products provides a balanced nutrient profile of BOD supplementation in bulk packaging.

1 review for VitaStim Low F:M – Food to Microorganism Control

  1. Calvin H. (NM)

    I am impressed with how well all of the products I use work. They all work as good as promised. I will continue to use Aquafix products.

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