VitaStim Cheese – For Dairy Waste

It’s not easy being cheesy!

VitaStim Cheese & Milk Degrader is great for cheese production facilities.

Chew up your dairy waste stream’s fatty acids to reduce grease, filaments, sludge hauling, and foaming.

Super concentrated.


The Perfect Cheese & Milk Degrader

It introduces specialized bacterial strains to handle the toughest of milk and cheese products.  It also introduces specialized biostimulants to give the bacteria the boost they need to break down and digest milk sugars and waste.

While some companies simply stick on a new label to market their products for different uses, we carefully isolate the strains needed to treat dairy waste specifically.

If you have seen average or even good results using other products, try VitaStim Cheese & Milk Degrader and watch it blow the others out of the water.

VitaStim 2200 Cheese Degrader before after

A dairy plant along the Eel River in Northern CA was having an issue with foaming in their wastewater pond. They started using our VitaStim Cheese Degrader and within 2 weeks they said, “It looks 100% better.”

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  • Cheese Production Facilities
  • Dairy & Milk Production Facilities

Benefits of VitaStim Cheese & Milk Degrader

  • Reduces grease, filaments, & sludge
  • Controls foaming
  • Super concentrated

1 review for VitaStim Cheese – For Dairy Waste

  1. Joe

    Aquafix is my go to for any wastewater problems. I use VitaStim Cheese Degrader and Qwik-Zyme P to keep up with heavy cheese waste and meet permits.

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