Blend Of 10 Bioavailable Trace Elements

  • Macro levels of Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel, with micro levels of seven other trace elements in a bioavailable form that enhances microbial metabolism.

  • Balances Anerobic Processes– Helps in the conversion of (VFA) volatile fatty acids and prevents foaming and acidification.

  • Reduces Sludge production-   Effective VFA and COD conversion allows less sludge production.

  • Easy to feed-  Can be metered in with a chemical metering pump or manually added.

  •  Mitigation of H2S production-  Biogas1 contributes to a healthier anerobic community which promotes less hydrogen sulfide generation

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Product Info

BioGas1 blends macro levels Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel, with micro levels of seven other trace elements to enhance microbial metabolism. It leverages the combined effects of these elements to fortify and diversify the microbial community. This formula enhances metabolic activity, improves biogas quality, and can mitigate hydrogen sulfide production, ensuring efficient and cleaner digestion.

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Demonstrated safe and effective for:

  • Complete mix anaerobic digesters
  • Covered lagoons
  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTRs)
  • Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactors

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Enhanced VFA Conversion: Poor volatile fatty acid (VFA) conversion is often the root cause of foaming issues and suboptimal methane production. BioGas1 enhances VFA conversion, directly addressing these challenges and improving the stability and output of methane.
  • Optimal Trace Element Balance: Understanding the crucial role of trace elements in anaerobic digestion, BioGas1 provides an ideal balance of micronutrients, including Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel, essential for the methanogenic archaea. This balance is pivotal in maintaining system efficiency and addressing concerns about trace element concentrations and their roles.
  • pH Regulation Assistance: Rapid VFA conversion can lead to pH imbalances, potentially inhibiting methanogen activity and leading to system acidification. BioGas1 helps regulate these fluctuations, ensuring a stable environment conducive to optimal biogas production.
  • Reduced Sludge Production: Effective VFA conversion and enhanced microbial metabolism also mean less sludge production. This not only enhances the digester’s operational efficiency but also reduces the costs and logistical challenges associated with sludge disposal.
  • Mitigation of H2S Production: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) generation is a significant concern in anaerobic digesters. BioGas1 contributes to a balanced microbial ecosystem, reducing H2S levels and minimizing its associated risks and odors.
  • Addressing Grease and Long Chain Fatty Acid Challenges: While not always directly addressed in service calls, issues with grease and fatty acids can lead to toxicity and foaming. BioGas1’s nutrient balance helps mitigate these effects, promoting a healthier microbial community and smoother operation.

Dose Rates

Initial Loading Dose - Day 1
Initial Loading Dose - Day 1
Dose Rate
Tank Volume
1 gal
100,000 gal
10 gal
1,000,000 gal
Maintenance Dose - After Day 1
Maintenance Dose - After Day 1
Dose Rate
COD Loading
5-10 gal
10,000 lbs
25-50 gal
50,000 lbs

Product Pairings

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When starting pH levels in your digester are low, Boost N Lock is essential to raise and stabilize the pH above 6. This blend of magnesium hydroxide, hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium carbonate offers a superior pH stabilization solution, crucial for maintaining a healthy anaerobic environment. It’s specifically formulated to tackle the challenges of increasing pH without creating excess sludge, which can interfere with digester operations. By preventing pH-related upsets, Boost N Lock ensures more stable and efficient biogas production.

Anaerobic Food Supplement Enhance Methane Generation

For digesters experiencing inconsistent or inadequate loading, Anaerobic Food Supplement provides a vital boost. This product supplies Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and essential micronutrients to support anaerobic microbes, particularly methanogens, improving methane generation and stabilizing the overall process. It’s designed to enhance microbial health and efficiency, especially in systems where nutrient fluctuations can lead to suboptimal biogas output.



3 reviews for BioGas1

  1. Todd J (VA)

    We were having problems with low solids after opening an extra oxidation ditch ring so we added this product. Easy to use and seemed to add slightly to the solids concentration. We may try again soon after a microbiological exam.

  2. Tige W (IN)

    This stuff is great. After adding Biogas1 everyday to our reception pit our anaerobic digester should a healthier overall digester. Gas production increased as well making our whole operation more efficient.

  3. Gustavo N. (MD)

    We use Biogas in our Waste Water plant, and problem so ever.
    Great Product!!!!

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