In this toxicity webinar, Aquafix Director of Science and Innovation, Kevin Ripp, aka The Bugman, distinguishes fact, fiction, and the latest research on biocides like “Quat”. Learn about our newest solutions to overcoming QAC toxicity and more! For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


1:15 – Symptoms of Toxicity
5:48 – How Quaternary Ammonium Works
7:36 – Biocides in Wastewater Research
20:01 – Quat Binders
23:25 – Overcoming QAC Toxicity, CounterQuat

Coming Soon: CounterQuat

CounterQuat is a next generation technology, coming June 2019, developed to protect wastewater bacteria from toxicity, especially the effects of quaternary amines. CounterQuat was created to aid wastewater operators who have no control over toxic compounds that may come down the drain, but want to protect their wastewater biology and avoid noncompliance.

CounterQuat works by further developing the Polyprotein Matrix that bacteria naturally use to shield themselves from environmental toxins. Counterquat develops and strengthens this defensive barrier. The result is greater bacteria resilience, flocculation and nutrient removal in the presence of toxicity. CounterQuat can be fed upstream of the plant or directly in the plant and is excellent for wastewater plants concerned with incoming QAC toxicity killing their organisms and causing a cloudy effluent and loss of nitrification.


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