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Wastewater Sample Testing Instructions

1)  Fill wastewater sample testing containers as follows – If the sample being sent is from an aerobic system, only fill the sample bottle 3/4s full, if it is an anaerobic sample, fill the bottle completely. Tighten lids.

2)  Place the container in a plastic bag to contain any leaks.

3)  Keep the sample cool at all times.  Refrigerate or keep on ice until ready to ship.

4)  Print and fill out the Sample Analysis Form (Wastewater Analysis Form) We cannot process your sample without it.  Emails pictures to if you’d like; the more we know, the more we can help.  Put the Lab Analysis Form and any other paperwork in a separate sealed plastic bag.

5)   Put the sample in a small cooler and use plenty of ice to keep it cold during shipping.  Use a 2 pound bag of ice or several ice packs. DO NOT USE DRY ICE.

6)  Send sample on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday by 2nd day air to:

                                 Aquafix, Inc.
                                 505 S. Rosa Rd
                                 Room 25
                                 Madison, WI  53719

We recommend using Fed-Ex or UPS.

IMPORTANT: While we prefer that you use Aquafix’s sterile kits to collect your samples, if you can’t wait for the kit to be sent to you, please make sure to use PLASTIC BOTTLES ONLY to collect your sample


*Note: coolers will not be returned to you.

Any questions call 888.757.9577 or email us at


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