In this wastewater toxicity webinar, Aquafix Chemist Dan Smeaton discusses fact, fiction, and the latest research on biocides like “Quat”. Learn about our biological approaches to prevent toxicity and recover from upset. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


01:35 – Symptoms of Toxic Upset
08:48 – How Quaternary Ammonium Cations (QACs) Work
13:40 – Inhibition or Inhibitory Concentrations Study Review
31:13 – Overcoming Toxicity Events

VitaStim Rebuild

VitaStim Rebuild is one of the most effective tools for quickly getting a wastewater treatment plant running again after an upset. This product is also beneficial to the process of starting up a new treatment plant. It contains a combination of specially selected bacteria and biostimulants to accomplish both tasks.


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