1  BOD or plant loading in pounds
Concentration of BOD in mg/l
plant flow in mgd

weight of one gallon of water
lbs of BOD
mg/l x mgd x 8.34 = lbs/day

2  MLSS in the aerator in pounds

Concentration of MLSS in mg/l
volume of aeration tank in MG
lbs of MLSS
MLSS (mg/l) x vol. aerator (MG) x 8.34 = lbs of MLSS

3  F/M Ratio

   lbs BOD (or lbs MLSS) =   lbs BOD  
lbs MLSS                   Ratio    

4  Find mg/l of MLSS when required MLSS in lbs is known

mg/l MLSS =                  lbs MLSS                
vol. of aerator in mg x 8.34

5  Find percentage of BOD removed

lbs of BOD removed
      lbs BOD in

6  Detention time

tank volume x 24 hrs
plant flow

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