PondZilla Pro – Algaecide Booster

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MORE EFFECTIVE CLEANUP FROM LAGOON ALGAE. The use of PondZilla Pro and an algaecide/herbicide will clarify the water and produce a better effluent with lower TSS.

When blended with an algaecide or herbicide, PondZilla Pro accelerates the degradation of dead aquatic plants or lagoon algae by working from the inside out. It works at the cellular level for better penetration. PondZilla Pro accelerates decomposition of dead organic matter to clarify the water column.

NOTE: PondZilla Pro DOES NOT kill algae or aquatic plants.

*Complete the treatment: Learn more about pairing PondZilla with an algaecide and sludge reduction products for the complete lagoon treatment.

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Clarify the Water with PondZilla Pro – Pond Adjuvant

Algaecides & herbicides may kill the visible problem, but doesn’t clarify the mess left behind.  The dead organics release key nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus.  PondZilla Pro energizes the natural bacteria to clean up and recycle dead organics. With that boost, they devour the nutrients in the decaying matter.

PondZilla Pro is a pond adjuvant that kick starts the bacteria in your water to more completely degrade dead matter and clarify the water, which in turn allows for more sun penetration for better removal of BOD, TSS and fecal coliforms.

PondZilla Pro Applications

  • Wastewater Lagoons
  • Decorative Ponds
  • Retention Ponds

PondZilla Pro Benefits

  • Restores nature’s balance in a lake or pond
  • Breaks up floating scum
  • Works in harmony with naturally occurring bacteria
  • Clarifiers the water column
  • Breaks down organics into simple sugars which are quickly digested by bacteria
  • Improves the appearance of your lake or pond
  • Works well with algaecides in lagoon algae treatments

Companion Products

Argos for algae treatments. Argos pairs well with PondZilla Pro, killing the algae while PondZilla comes in afterwards to clean up the dead matter left behind.

For duckweed and other aquatic weeds, pair PondZilla Pro with FLUMIGARD® in our Duckweed Complete.

For more pond clarity, be sure to look into our sludge reduction products.  Aquafix provides biological solutions for degrading sludge that contributes to high BOD.  Don’t spend thousands on mechanical dredging when you can recharge your lagoon naturally.


3 reviews for PondZilla Pro – Algaecide Booster

  1. Elmer S.

    We had Spirogyra in our 3 acre pond, it grows out about 10 feet from shore and because we are a State Park people come to fish and their lures get tangled up. We have tried numerous things with no success. This year we mixed a gallon Cutrine and a gallon PondZilla Pro and the first week we thought maybe it was doing something but we could not be sure. The second week the Spirogyra was gone. We now add the VitaStim Sludge Reducer once per week and the ponds look very nice.

  2. Karen C. (MO)

    These products work great, very happy with them.

  3. Kaleb G. (IL)

    Love these products, use them every year

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