Wastewater Treatment for Food Processors

Food processing wastewater systems can face a variety of challenges. Whatever upsets you encounter, Aquafix is here to help! We’ve assembled a collection of resources to keep your wastewater system operating efficiently.

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Aquafix Wastewater treatment productsAquafix focuses on three types of cutting-edge products, bacterial cultures of many types, biostimulants to help the naturally occurring bacteria and odor control compounds.

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Further your wastewater knowledge and browse our past webinars, given by our technical expert, John Dinneen, and filled with insight gained from years of experience.

Meet Kevin 'the bugman' Ripp

Meet Kevin 'the bugman' Ripp

Head of Scienfitic Research, AQUAFIX

Head of scientific research here at Aquafix and specializing primarily on solving wastewater treatment issues. In this capacity, we culture bacillus and nitrifying strains, specific micronutrients, biostimulants, and biochemical catalysts by means of in depth and onsite research.

Aquafix is a full scale microbiological lab producing bacterial cultures, fungi, micronutrients, and biochemical catalysts with the focus on improving wastewater processes as well as improving treatment in fresh water and aquaculture. We are committed to providing true one-on-one technical support with wastewater operators throughout the field.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Ammonia Removal & Restoring Nitrification

Operators of wastewater plants, lakes, lagoons, and ponds that suffer from high ammonia levels come to us for solutions…

wastewater lagoon sludge reduction plan

Lagoon & Pond Treatment

Wastewater lagoon and ponds have been an economical way of treating wastewater for a long time, but…

Thorough, Effective Wastewater Lab Analysis

What is in my mixed liquor? Filaments? Sliming? Toxicity?
I can see filaments under the microscope, but what are they? What’s causing them?
What does it mean? How can I change conditions so that it does not occur again?

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