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Lab Analysis Form

The lab form below is required in order for our lab to process your lab sample.

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    Instructions to Obtain and Submit a Sample

    1. Freeze included ice pack immediately after receiving kit.  

    2. Properly label each sample bottle and fill out corresponding online paperwork via QR code on the right. 

              a. The direct link to the form is

    3. Fill sample bottles 1/2 full. 

              a. Unless requested, do not send duplicates of the same sample.  

              b. Foam samples should be in separate bottles. Only include a foam sample if foaming is your main concern. 

    4. Seal sample bottles in Ziplock bag provided. Place samples in original box with frozen ice pack.  

    5. Attach included shipping label over the original label and tape the box closed.

    6. Call us at 888-757-9577 to schedule your free pick up.  

              a. Call prior to 9 am CST to arrange same day pickup Monday – Wednesday 

    NOTE: The $400 fee includes two samples and return shipping. Additional sample bottle 
                  are billed at $100 each. 

    wastewater testing sample kit