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Women of Wastewater™
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Whether you’re in the field, behind a desk, or in front of a microscope, we want to hear your story about being a woman in the wastewater industry!

Over the course of our business, we’ve learned that the wastewater industry is full of innovative minds, colorful voices, and just plain dedicated people doing essential work. But women make up only about 5% of that population, leaving young women choosing their future careers without female mentors. Thinking about all the voices they weren’t hearing is what led us to develop the Inspiring Women of Wastewater™ program.

Aquafix launched this project in 2017 to introduce women to a whole new set of role models. Bring your expertise, your thoughts about the state of the wastewater field, and your ideas for the future! A select few will be chosen to receive our Inspiring Women of Wastewater™ Award.

Contact us to be entered and to show incoming generations what they can achieve in the field of wastewater. You can also find the honorees from previous years below and read their stories about the challenging, fun, and always important work they do.

To Participate:

Fill out this registration form, or contact us at:Phone: 888-757-9577 Email:

NOTE: All nominee submissions are due by September 30th. After that date, all nominees will receive an email with more information and instructions.

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    Nominee Information

    The Inspiring Women of Wastewater


    Apply or nominate above!

    women of wastewater 2020 winner Renee


    Renee Oelrich
    Water/Wastewater Operator
    Minnesota municipality


    Alex Dixon
    Engineer/Compliance Supervisor
    Mississippi District


    Tiffany Barron
    District Operator
    California District


    Annetta “Annie” Grillo
    Operator In Charge
    Water Essentials, LLC
    Johnson Creek Water Utilities


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