Wastewater Research Papers

At Aquafix Laboratories we are passionate about the science behind our products. This is why our team of expert scientists and research partners are continuously running tests and conducting studies to ensure up-to-date data and top-notch products. Read our wastewater research papers below to learn more.

Ammonia Reduction in an Activated Sludge Plant

The Janesville wastewater treatment facility conducted a study to evaluate the effects of Nitrifier Pro on effluent ammonia levels in their activated sludge system.

Cost Effective Sludge Management with Sludge Rx

The Pleasant Hope wastewater treatment facility undertook a study to assess the effectiveness of Sludge RX and OxyPaks XL in reducing sludge volume within their two-cell lagoon system.

Reducing Sludge in a Wastewater Lagoon

Study on sludge reduction in wastewater lagoon using SludgeRx. Reduced up to 4.25ft of sludge and average BOD removal increased to 7%.

Ana-Zyme G: Impact on Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Fatty Acids

Study on digestion of fatty acids in an anaerobic system resulted in a 34% reduction of fatty acids when Ana-Zyme G is added.

Anaerobic Lagoon Methane Generation in Meat Packing Plant

This study was designed to evaluate the impacts of Ana-Zyme P on biogas generation in a mesophilic anaerobic lagoon from a meat processing plant.

Ana-Zyme P Impact on Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Farm Manure

Evaluate the impacts of Ana-Zyme P on biogas generation in a mesophilic dairy manure digester supplemented with fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.).

Sludge Reduction Testing

Learn how Sludge Rx influences microbial communities and the effect on organic carbon and nutrient levels.

Restoring Nitrification in Wastewater

Learn how VitaStim Dynamic Duo can restore nitrification in your plant.

Fatty Acid and Grease Removal in Wastewater

Monitoring the effectiveness of fatty acid removal in wastewater
using Qwik-Zyme L.

Improving Anaerobic Digestion of Protein for Meat Processors

Oxygen uptake testing on poultry processing anaerobic lagoon effluent samples.

Removal of Fat Deposits in Water

GreaseZilla’s ability to remove FOG (fat, oil, and grease) is compared to competitor grease treatment products.

Bti Endotoxins: The Science Behind AQUABACxt

Learn how Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelenis is effective at eliminating
red worms/midge flies and bristle worms.

BAI Engineering

Bug On a Rope can help save up to $72,000 in lift station surcharges.

Wastewater Carbon Source Comparison Study

Comparison of three carbon sources and their effectiveness at wastewater treatment in batch reactors. 

Degradation of Dairy Protein in Wastewater

Learn how Qwik-Zyme P can break down complex dairy proteins.

Wastewater Food Supplement Comparison Study

A follow up study to evaluate an updated formulation of Aquafix’s SmartBOD compared to a popular glycerin based wastewater food supplement.