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Presented by the Aquafix Laboratories team & Technical Consultants

Answering your science behind it questions and providing insight to
how and why our products work.

Providing in-the-field examples for how to best apply Aquafix products in your wastewater plant.

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2024 Wastewater Event Schedule

Cold Weather Effects on Nitrification and Ammonia

Considerations for the best nitrification, and how to recover if nitrification is lost.

Presented by Deborah Lee and Chris Grove

Reducing Sludge & Improving Effluent In Lagoon Systems

The latest on sludge reduction and lagoon maintenance from the Aquafix Labs.

Presented by Dan McKeaton and Tyler Benz

Wastewater Misconceptions

In an ever evolving industry like wastewater, some knowledge and practices shared throughout the years have become distorted.

Presented by Saylor Gilbert and Chris Grove

Filament ID & Microanalysis Techniques

Overview of common microscopic evaluations and what they mean.

Presented byNatalie Walton and Tyler Benz

  • Environmental parameters for nitrifier growth
  • Learn to recover quickly after nitrification is lost
  • Presenting key elements from Aquafix's latest nitrification white paper
  • Dynamic Duo case studies from the field
    • Reducing sludge
    • Controlling biosolids buildup
  • Coming Soon
  • What they're telling you: wastewater bacteria, floc formation, and sludge age
  • Wastewater filamentous bacteria
  • Wastewater metazoa and protozoa
  • Important floc characteristics
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