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2019 Webinars

ammonia-iconJanuary 9Nitrification: Understanding the 7 Steps

Considerations for the best nitrification, and how to recover if its lost.
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toxic-iconMarch 27Toxicity in Your Wastewater Plant

Fact, Fiction, and the latest research on biocides like "Quat".
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anaerobic-iconMay 29Keys to Anaerobic Digester Stability

Gaining better volatile solids conversion, and fewer digester upsets.
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lagoons-iconJuly 31Wastewater Lagoon Algae

Gain valuable knowledge about algae and its weaknesses, to better control its growth in wastewater lagoons and ponds
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microscope-iconSeptember 25Protozoa, Metazoa, and Building Good Floc

Overview of common microscopic evaluations, and what they mean. As well as a discussion of the origins of filaments in wastewater plants
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foam-iconDecember 4Eliminating Foam Causing Filaments

Preventing and eliminating Microthix and Nocardia.
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