SmartBOD – Carbon Supplement


A Smarter Carbon Source for the 21st Century

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WASTEWATER BACTERIA. SmartBOD provides an advanced carbon source that provides the building blocks of biological life. This BOD supplement offers a cost efficient solution for chronic issues related to low food, and flows dramatically lower than plant design. SmartBOD contains bioavailable sources of amino acids, complex proteins, carbohydrates, and micronutrients that bacteria in biological wastewater processes require in order to build floc and effectively remove nutrients. SmartBOD is helpful in plants with enhanced biological phosphorous removal and will even be helpful in lowering ammonia and nitrate.

SmartBOD Advantages

  • Perfectly balanced nutrient profile
  • Proven to outperform glycerin and dog food
  • Also helps new plants start up

50 lb. Bag, Bulk


The Science Behind It

Low food manifests itself with a broad range of symptoms, but the solution is always the same: improve biomass health. In creating an efficient carbon supplement for wastewater, we focused on the three biggest ways SmartBOD could improve the biomass:

  • Boosts Health of Bacteria Population
  • Improves Floc Formation and Settling Characteristics
  • Better BOD and Nutrient Removal

Better Than Sugar. Stronger Than Dog Food.

Carbon supplement products like dog food and chicken feed have traditionally been used to bolster BOD. These foods contain higher levels of fats and phosphorus than are beneficial to wastewater bacteria. They also contain high levels of inert solids which will accumulate in a wastewater treatment system which can trap organic matter and lead to low DO conditions.
Crude glycerin and molasses provide a carbon source in the form of sugar. While this can grow a population of bacteria quickly, they are not well equipped to digest anything other than sugar and provide little benefits digesting common municipal or industrial BOD. In fact, sugar based additives typically result in a cloudy effluent and polysaccharide slime.
Smart BOD is a highly soluble food supplement that only requires 1/10th the weight of dog food and produces a cleaner effluent and better settling. This allows for less hauling and no accumulation of inert solids in an aeration system. SmartBOD also contains a balanced BOD:N:P ratio which results in improved settling and will not contribute to increased nitrogen or phosphorus in wastewater effluent. SmartBOD works well on the filaments Type 1851 & Type 0041/Type 0675 and also helps with high sludge age conditions or when it settles too fast.

Traditional Carbon Source vs Advanced Carbon Source

The human body cannot run on sugar alone and neither can a wastewater treatment plant. Traditional carbon sources may offer a source of fuel, but they lack the nutrient balance and floc building components wastewater bacteria need. SmartBOD is a complete source of fuel to improve your biology at a significantly lower dosage than sources like dog and chicken feed or a source of sugar.

An Independently Proven Carbon Supplement

Smart BOD was tested against traditional carbon sources by the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point on two occasions. Their testing reached the conclusions that “SmartBOD as a food supplement (carbon source) outperformed molasses and [dog food] when comparing the metrics of COD removal, nutrient accumulation and settling properties” and outperformed the MicroC® 2000 brand glycerin based carbon source in terms of COD removal, settling, floc formation, and ammonium removal.

Read the reports yourself below:

Smart BOD Comparison with Molasses & Dog Food

Smart BOD Comparison with Glycerin


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