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Rapidly rebuild MLSS after upset or washout

(2 customer reviews)
  • Recover from toxicity fast
  • Improve low F:M conditions, form healthy floc, and clear effluent
  • Restores the removal of BOD, ammonia, and phosphate
  • Great for new plant start up or recovery after toxicity upset
  • 100% active probiotics. Does not contain fillers

Could poor settling be a sign of wastewater upset? Read info from our lab on what your settling is telling you.



Product Info

VitaStim Rebuild is one of the most effective tools for quickly getting a wastewater treatment plant running again after an upset. This product is also beneficial to the process of starting up a new treatment plant. It contains a combination of specially selected bacteria and biostimulants to accomplish both tasks.

The bacteria in VitaStim Rebuild are selected for their ability to flocculate quickly, so they remain in the treatment plant instead of being washed out the back end. The biostimulants work to promote quick establishment of the new bacteria. When used in combination with a load of seed sludge, the biostimulants will boost the health of the sludge’s bacteria too.

One of the few things an operator can’t influence in their treatment plant is the influent. Greater use of biocides like peracetic acid (PAA) and Quaternary Ammonium compounds (quats) are making wastewater upset more common. The latest generation of biocides are more stable than ever, amplifying the problem.

Signs of Wastewater Upset:

  • Ammonia spike
  • Cloudy effluent
  • MLSS color change
  • Settling like a rock

In other cases, it might not be influent toxicity, but instead a disappearing mixed liquor. Slug loads of BOD, D.O. drops, and pH shifts are all potential reasons for an upset. It can also be as simple as getting “washed out” by a large rain event, or a large population of redworms (midge fly larvae) feeding on and destroying the bacteria population.

VitaStim Rebuild helps seed in heterotrophic floc-forming bacteria to rebuild a healthy mixed liquor that removes BOD and settles well. It can be used on its own, or in combination with fresh seed sludge.

Dose Rates

Recovering After Upset
Recovering After Upset
Recovering After Upset
Flow Rate (Gallons per day)
Initial Dose (First 10 days)
Additional Dose (Following 20 days)
10,000 GPD
0.5 lb per day
0.5 lb every other day
50,000 GPD
0.5 lb per day
0.5 lb per day
100,000 GPD
1 lb per day
0.5 lb per day
200,000 GPD
2 lb per day
1 lb per day
500,000 GPD
5 lb per day
2.5 lb per day
700,000 GPD
7 lb per day
3.5 lb per day
1,000,000 GPD
10 lb per day
5 lb per day

Product Pairings

Pair with CounterQuat to protect against toxic events.

Establish new bacteria and seed sludge when pairing with SmartBOD after an upset.

Applications and Benefits

  • Municipal or industrial
  • Activated sludge treatment
  • New plant start up
  • Upset recovery
  • Builds MLSS
  • Adds new bacteria
  • Probiotics boost existing bacteria


2 reviews for ReBuild

  1. Josh L (CO)

    Quick-Zyme L, Smart BOD, and ReBuild have helped our plant recover and run great through start up and shock while jetting lines. Operation of two SBRs is needed to accommodate the volume of decant from the digester. We run on the low end of the F:M ratio and these products help with that also.

  2. Carl G.

    VitaStim Rebuild has been a godsend for us. It has really helped get the plant back to normal after a large dump from a local industry threw our plant into upset.

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