Wastewater Issues & Solutions

Foaming Filaments

wastewater solutions filaments

Common Wastewater Filaments


Microthrix Parvicella

nocardia in wastewater

Nocardia in Wastewater

Redworms & Midge Flies

Midge fly & red worm

Midge Flies & Red Worms in Wastewater

Does your lagoon system or wastewater treatment plant suffer from midge fly outbreaks? Midge flies, or chironomids, which resemble mosquitos but don’t bite, commonly occur in wastewater treatment and lagoon systems along lake shores…


wastewater odor solution

Lagoon Odor Control

Lagoon odor control may seem like a straightforward treatment, but many odors are signs of a more serious underlying problem. By uncovering their origins, operators gain the tools to eliminate and prevent future odors…

Lagoon & Pond Treatment

Wastewater lagoon and ponds have been an economical way of treating wastewater for a long time.  They come in all shapes, sizes and depths.  The idea behind a lagoon is…


Ammonia Removal &
Restoring Nitrification

Operators of wastewater plants, lakes, lagoons, and ponds that suffer from high ammonia levels come to us for solutions. We use microorganisms to oxidize ammonia to nitrate. Our nitrification products are specifically adapted to work with your entire…


Grease Control in Wastewater

common wastewater filament

The Problem with Long Chain Fatty Acid Degradation in Aerobic Systems

Bulking Sludge

anaerobic digester diagram

Understanding The Relations between Zoogloea and EPS to Improve Settling

common wastewater filament

Common Wastewater Filaments

common wastewater filament

Activated Sludge and F:M Ratio Calculator

Anaerobic Digestion

Biologicals and BMPs – A Modern Digester’s Blueprint for success?

Safety Hazards in Anaerobic Digesters

anaerobic digester diagram

Anaerobic Digester Upset & Troubleshooting

anaerobic digester diagram

Anaerobic Digester Foaming


Quaternary Ammonium Cation Toxicity Studies

Aquafix has interacted with many operators over the years who have been quite concerned about the effects Quaternary Ammonium Cations (QACs) have had on their wastewater plants’ function. Many wastewater operators rely on Quat binding products to prevent Quat toxicity in their systems, but it was always unclear whether Quat binding products were effective…

Hydrogen Sulfide

Wastewater Solutions for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

What is Hydrogen Sulfide? Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) often is a colorless gas with a rotten egg odor, which is commonly referred to as ‘sewer gas’. Hydrogen Sulfide is highly poisonous and highly corrosive in wastewater applications. There are various problems…

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