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At Aquafix, we are passionate about wastewater and seeing our customers succeed. With microbiology and biochemistry as our tools, our lab in the University of Wisconsin Research Park investigates puzzling wastewater issues on behalf of our customers. Welcome to our lab, and if you like, your lab too.

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Microanalysis & Filament Origins


We will supply a test kit including sterile sample bottles, bags/liners, and a cooler for the return shipping. This wastewater lab testing consists of:

  • A review of major and minor filaments plus subspecias with Gram and Neisser staining
  • Testing of EPS sliming
  • Precise explanation of filament presence and origin
  • Analysis of protozoa and metazoa in the system
  • Analysis of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations
  • Results returned by e-mail and hard copy
  • 3-4 day turnaround

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Proactive Microanalysis Program


The Proactive Microanalysis Program is a bundling program of testing that allows operators to get ahead of conditions before they become a problem. Compare results during normal operation to upset conditions to gain even deeper insights into you plant. Package consists of:

  • 4 Microanalysis and Filament Origin tests, use at your own pace
  • Spot potential problems before they become a major issue
  • Filament ID, EPS Sliming, Floc Structure and Oxygen Penetration, and More
  • Helpful recommendations to improve biology function and optimize treatment plant
  • Get a clearer picture of how your plant conditions evolve over time

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“I learned more in twenty minutes of talking with the Bugman than in my twenty years of running this wastewater plant. You are of great service.”- Terry J. Dow Reichhold Production Facility, Chickamagua, GA

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