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Full Recovery in 10 Days or Less

Nitrification can quickly drop from toxicity or cold conditions. For the fastest recovery and to remove ammonia we've developed the Dynamic Duo, VitaStim Nitrifiers and Ammonia Assimilators to quickly remove ammonia and bring nitrification right back. This product is for use in aerobic wastewater treatment plants.

VitaStim Nitrifiers

VitaStim Nitrifiers contains high concentrations of autotrophic ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, such as Nitrospora, Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter as well as a micronutrient helpful to the growth and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria.

VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators

VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators contains heterotrophic nitrifying bacteria that utilize both carbon and a high fraction of nitrogen. In systems with high organic loading or low dissolved oxygen the Ammonia Assimilators are the first step in removing ammonia from wastewater.

**Product ships via FedEx two day and must be refrigerated
**Keep products separated until application

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$550.00 for a 2 gallon case (1 gal of each)

The Dynamic Duo Promotes Fast Recovery

ammonia removal in wastewater treatment plant
The Dynamic Duo makes use of the combination of our VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators and VitaStim Nitrifiers for premium ammonia removal. They contain high amounts of active nitrifying bacteria including Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, Nitrobacter and heterotrophic nitrifiers at the highest concentration in the industry. They also contain powerful micronutrients to boost the growth and reproduction of the nitrifying bacteria.

The combination of these two products produces the fastest nitrification recovery.  The biostimulants and hetrotrophic cultures in VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators works with the VitaStim Nitrifiers concentrations to produce the highest and fastest growth rate. We use two types because they remove ammonia with two different mechanisms, in a certain sense, you can say one is like rear-wheel drive and the other front. The use of both propels your plant to ammonia removal and full nitrification.

The Dynamic Duo are specifically adapted to work in a range of wastewater conditions, taking into account the chemistry you currently use, any physical limitations of the plant, and the present microorganism population.

Nitrite Lock in Industrial Plants

Nitrite Lock is an issue where nitrite oxidizing bacteria are unable to keep up with nitrite production by ammonia oxidizing bacteria. This leads to an accumulation of nitrite which can result in inhibition of ammonia removal. This rarely is experienced in municipal systems but can often occur in industries with high levels of incoming ammonia. Supporting a strong population of nitrifying bacteria can help prevent conditions like this from arising. Click on the case studies tab to read about a hog slaughter facility that ran into this issue, and how they recovered.

VitaStim Dynamic Duo Applications

  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Refineries
  • Rendering Facilities
  • Aquaculture

Benefits of the Dynamic Duo

  • Rapid recovery from upset
  • Improved nitrification
  • Super concentrate formula
  • Lower effluent ammonia
  • Rapid start-up of new plants
  • Creates healthier biomass
  • Increases cell metabolism

More Information

Seven Steps to Restoring Nitrification

Municipal Plant


A Virginia Beach wastewater authority operates a 50 MGD wastewater treatment plant, and from time to time their plant struggles with nitrification.


As you can see from the chart below, the addition of VitaStim Dymanic Duo turns the plant around fast.


Within 3 days the ammonia levels were in compliance. See Graph in New Window

Sugar Processing Plant


A sugar processing facility in Minnesota lost nitrification in its aerobic tanks. This facility has a 1 MGD flow rate, their basin is 2 MGD, and the ammonia level was at 189 ppm.


They ordered 9 gal of VitaStim Nitrifiers and 9 gal of VitaStim Ammonia Assimilators. Then added 4 gal of each product initially and then added 1 gal per day thereafter.


4 Days Later: The effluent ammonia had lowered to 17.2 ppm “It was like magic.” – Dr. David Rein, PhD, PE, Rein & Associates

Hog Slaughter Facility


This industry is a hog slaughter facility with two anaerobic lagoons followed by an activated sludge process with a large 1.8-million-gallon aeration tank with a 2-day hydraulic retention time (900,000 GPD flow). Wastewater entering the aeration tank contains low levels of BOD (30-40 ppm typically), but high ammonia levels (200 ppm incoming ammonia). Alkalinity in this system occasionally gets as low as 50 ppm, but usually is 120 ppm. Ammonia in the aeration effluent is typically below one ppm, with nitrite levels below detection limits. In early October, this plant experienced heavier than typical loading which led to a pH drop to 6. In addition, a mistake occurred in which a wasting pump was left on for 24 hours, leading to significant loss of solids. Initially ammonia spiked up to 5.86 ppm but returned to normal within a day without treatment. However, nitrite levels in the basin progressed to around 45 ppm before treatment occurred.


This facility added 2 gallons of Dynamic Duo initially, and after 1 day their nitrite levels to decrease to 7.7 ppm. A temperature shift occurred in the system the following night which led to the nitrite levels in the system increasing back to 32 ppm. As treatment continued, nitrite levels returned to 7.5 ppm after 1 more day of treatment recovered to 0.199 ppm nitrite in effluent after 3 more days.

7 reviews for Dynamic Duo – Wastewater Ammonia Removal

  1. Chris Cook

    I live in a gated community that has its own WWTP. Its a small plant. We always had trouble controlling the ammonia in the plant. At times it was well over 100mg/l. With the Dynamic Duo we were able to drop our ammonia level to less than 0.10mg/l. This was done in the span of 3 months. I was shocked and very happy. We now use it as part of our maintenance program. We started to monitor our ammonia levels weekly and added the Dynamic Duo as needed to keep our ammonia in check. Its a great product and I highly recommend it to any WWTP that is having trouble with the ammonia levels.

  2. Michael

    We operate a 50 MGD facility in Virginia, and last February we lost nitrification due to excessive rainfall. Ammonia is typically non detectable and went up to 14 ppm. We added the nitrifiers and 10 days later were back in compliance. We were skeptical at first, but it works great

  3. Steve

    I used a much cheaper nitrifier that I bought from a major catalog, and my ammonia actually went up. I switched to VitaStim Nitrifiers and Ammonia Assimilators and they went down.

  4. Jeff

    We have a small town with two sequencing batch reactors (SBR’s). Once in a while someone dumps something into our wastewater plant, and the ammonia will start heading up. We keep the AQUAFIX nitrifiers around because the ammonia will go down within 3 days of adding the VitaStim Nitrifiers and Assimilator

  5. Jim

    It was the end of winter, our plant got hit by high pH from a local industry, and we lost nitrification. VitaStim Nitrifiers had us back in compliance in 3 days. I highly recommend it.

  6. Robert F. (SC)

    Truly a great product for the value.

  7. Joe H. (IL)

    I tried alot of things to remove ammonia from my lagoon. Nothing was working. I found the dynamic duo, this is the best product on the market!

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