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Anaerobic Chemistry Screening

Soluble Micronutrients Analysis for Anaerobic Processes

  • Looks at all metals significant to efficient anaerobic digestion
  • Sample analyzed for 19 micronutrients
  • Compares soluble and insoluble fractions of metals
  • Now offering free return shipping

Anaerobic digester upset & troubleshooting:
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Product Info

Understanding your digester’s micronutrient content is the key to having effective anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic micronutrient deficiencies can lead to poor methane production, as well as poor volatile solids destruction. Our soluble and insoluble metals testing tests for 14 micronutrients and compares soluble and insoluble fractions of metals for a more accurate picture of metal bioavailability. This allows for precise adjustments of micronutrient concentrations to maximize anaerobic efficiency.

Aquafix laboratories partners with those who run or operate anaerobic digesters of any kind through technical consulting and biological methane potential testing. Feel free to reach out to us for technical assistance any time.


Soluble Nutrient Analysis
Aluminum Calcium Lead Potassium
Arsenic Chromium Manganese Selenium
Barium Colbalt Magnesium Sodium
Boron Copper Molybdenum Zinc
Cadmium Iron Nickel


Sludge Composition Analysis
Total Solids % Volatile Solids % TDS TSS
COD (mg/L) Alkalinity pH Total Nitrogen


Aquafix offers two different levels of anaerobic digester testing to provide the right solution. We send out a test kit with everything you need. We cover the shipping, you just handle the lab fee.

Testing Option Comparison


Soluble Micronutrient Analysis ($1,150)
Proactive Anaerobic Program ($4,300)
Sample analyzed for 14 micronutrients
One cooler (per test)
2-3 week turn around
Use at your own pace
Clearer picture of you plant over time
30% cost savings

Applications and Benefits

  • This testing will look at all metals significant to efficient anaerobic digestion
  • Testing will be run on both soluble and insoluble metal fractions
  • Results will include a report on levels of metals present to help you better understand the results of this analysis.
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Improve methane production




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