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OxyPaks XL

Lagoon Sludge Digestion Accelerator

(2 customer reviews)
  • Clarify water column
  • Clean sand filters
  • Minimize odors
  • Offset septic conditions



Product Info

OxyPaks XL – Lagoon Oxygen Booster is a granular oxygen source that is used in wastewater lagoons and decorative ponds to accelerate the digestion of sludge and muck and prevent odors.

OxyPaks XL is a biostimulant and sludge digestion accelerator that really kicks the bacteria into overdrive to chew up sludge.

When added to a lagoon, OxyPaks XL – Lagoon Oxygen Booster sinks down into the sludge layer. As the pack dissolves, peroxide liberates the sludge and punches holes in the muck layer. This increases the surface area and allows new pathways for the bacteria to get deeper into the sludge. The effect on the sludge layer is similar to core aerating your lawn. It also adds oxygen to the often anaerobic muck layer, to minimize odor production.

Percolation ponds and rock filters tend to build up with sludge and dead organics. These clog the surface and prevent water from trickling through them. The use of OxyPaks XL helps break up and digest organic matter so the water starts flowing again.

Dose Rates

Lagoon Clean Up-Dose
Add 100 lb per surface acre, once per month
Wastewater Plant Sand Filter Cleaning
2-4 lb per 10,000 gal of backwash

Product Pairings

This product performs best when paired with Sludge Rx™. The oxygen release from OxyPaks XL liberates the muck from anaerobic conditions, creating new pathways for the sludge-eating aerobic bacteria to consume it. The surge in oxygen also supercharges those same bacteria for even more sludge-degrading activity.

Applications and Benefits

  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Decorative ponds
  • Sewer lines
  • Holding tanks
  • Lift stations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Promotes metabolic activity of the anaerobic bacteria
  • Knocks out toxicity, sulfides and sulfide based filaments
  • Prevents downstream odors
  • Neutralizes existing odors
  • Easy to use

Case Studies

Oxy Paks XL Case Study – Manhole


A small village had bad corrosive hydrogen sulfide odors coming into their wastewater treatment plant. It was a hot, dry summer and the odors were really bad.


The village added our OxyPaks XL into the manhole a quarter of a mile into town.


OxyPaks XL successfully removed the sulfide odors.


2 reviews for OxyPaks XL

  1. Ray C. (IL)

    Great product. Highly recommended for use in sewer ponds

  2. Fred R. (PA)

    Product works well to reduce and remove algae that grows in out tanks.

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