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Midge Fly Complete

Quickly Kill Red Worms and Resulting Midge Flies

  • US EPA-registered biological larvicide that is safe and easy to use
  • Larva-Zyme improves penetration into the protective cocoon
  • Contains a diverse array of larval toxins to ensure long lasting effectiveness

5 Gallon Case of Each



Eliminate Nuisance Bugs

Product Info

AQUABACxt is a highly effective, US EPA-registered biological larvicide. It contains a species of bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis (BT), an approved larvicide for controlling red worms and midge flies in wastewater treatment plants.

Red worms find wastewater plants to be a perfect home. They survive by eating your MLSS, then hatch into midge flies and the cycle repeats. The active ingredient in AQUABACxt kills the red worms and breaks this cycle.

Larva-Zyme helps degrade the cocoons red worms like to build around themselves, exposing more red worms to the AQUABACxt treatment. You can often find these cocoons on the walls of clarifier rings or the sides of basins. This simple trick can increase the effectiveness of AQUABACxt dramatically.

We recommend using Larva-Zyme for the for the entire duration of AQUABACxt treatment. After this initial treatment an annual or biannual 20 day treatment is helpful for restoring the benefits.

Common symptoms of red worm infestations include: disappearing MLSS (the red worms are eating it), stringy or clumpy return activated sludge, and nuisance flies that attract pests. AQUABACxt is safe to use and will only kill a very narrow set of target species; larvae of the mosquito, midge flies, and black flies. It will not cause effluent toxicity issues.

Dose Rates

Wastewater Plant Dosing
Wastewater Plant Dosing
Wastewater Plant Dosing
Flow Rate (Gallons per day)
Initial Dose (Twice a week for 4 weeks)
Maintenance Dose (Once per week)
100,000 GPD
0.5 gal AQUABACxt + 0.5 gal Larva-Zyme
1 pt AQUABACxt + 1 pt Larva-Zyme
500,000 GPD
2.5 gal AQUABACxt + 2.5 gal Larva-Zyme
5 pt AQUABACxt + 5 pt Larva-Zyme
1,000,000 GPD
5 gal AQUABACxt + 5 gal Larva-Zyme
10 pt AQUABACxt + 10 pt Larva-Zyme
Wastewater Lagoon Dosing
Wastewater Lagoon Dosing
Wastewater Lagoon Dosing
Lagoon Size
Initial Dose (Once a week for 4 weeks)
Maintenance Dose (Once a week for 2 months)
1 Acres
2.5 gal AQUABACxt + 2.5 gal Larva-Zyme
1 gal AQUABACxt + 1 gal Larva-Zyme
4 Acres
10 gal AQUABACxt + 10 gal Larva-Zyme
4 gal AQUABACxt + 4 gal Larva-Zyme
8 Acres
20 gal AQUABACxt + 20 gal Larva-Zyme
8 gal AQUABACxt + 8 gal Larva-Zyme

Product Pairings

After an infestation it’s best to treat with ReBuild.

Applications and Benefits

  • Wastewater plants
  • Pond systems
  • Drain lines
  • Kills red worms and resulting midge flies
  • Stops red worms from eating MLSS
  • Bacterial based

Case Studies

Case Study – UV Disinfection Room



A 6.5 MGD wastewater treatment plant in Wisconsin was dealing with a UV disinfection room that was always covered in midge flies. The operators were constantly cleaning the room and had installed bug zappers to try and control them. Unfortunately killing the flies did no good as new ones were constantly developing in the clarifiers.


They began using our AQUABACxt to rid their system of red worms at the source without harming the good bacteria and Larva-Zyme to degrade the protective cocoons.


This combination was very effective and now they have a UV building that’s not a nightmare to spend time in.


1 review for Midge Fly Complete

  1. Billy J. (LA)

    This product is phenomenal. It does very good for everything we need it to do. We have these products on hand at all times and they really help prevent the growth, life, and reproduction of red worms and midge flies. Thanks Aquafix!

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