VitaStim Manure – Manure Digesting Bacteria


VitaStim Manure Supplement works on manure waste to help return nitrogen from the manure back to the soil, while reducing sludge, foam, and odors.

Bacteria use ammonia, phosphate, and other nutrients to build their cells. By using naturally occurring safe organisms that uptake ammonia and phosphate at high rates in anaerobic and facultative environments, the bacteria will fixate the nutrients into their cells. As these cultures grow and reproduce they uptake more and more nutrients from the manure waste and reduce the amount of solids and odor that is generated.

In addition our products use ingredients which stimulate these safe bacteria to grow at faster rates.

30 lbs. Container, 1/2 lb. water-soluble packs

Improve Your Manure and Nitrogen Quality

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is of growing concern as as it is being introduced into the diets of cattle and swine as prices of other feeds go up. DDGS causes foaming issues, excess manure, and myotoxins to be produced in the manure process.

VitaStim Manure Supplement will help prevent manure foaming and retain valuable nitrogen for the fields. The special formulation in VitaStim Manure Supplement has proven to help degrade DDGS when the pH of the manure is less than 7.5.

VitaStim Manure Supplement Applications

  • Lagoons and Basins
  • Run Off Ponds
  • Manure Pits
  • Sludge Storage Tanks
  • Holding Tanks

VitaStim Manure Supplement Benefits

  • Reduces the solid build up
  • Controls odors
  • Retains nitrogen
  • Low cost
  • Safe for the user and the environment
  • High bacterial concentrations

The Miller’s


One family farm needs to retain the natural nitrogen in the manure so they can effectively nourish their fields without using chemical fertilizers.


They began adding one 1/2 lbs water-soluble packet per 100 head of cattle per week


They noticed, and are very pleased with, the softer smell of their manure, the reduction of solids, and the superior results on their fields. VitaStim Manure Supplement allows the Millers’ to apply and retain higher levels of nitrogen to the soil even though they are organic farmers.


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