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Qwik-Zyme D

Municipal sludge reduction & better digester decant

  • Reduces sludge hauling costs 10-30% and improves belt press dewatering
  • Breaks down fats and plant/paper fibers into a source of food for your bacteria
  • Provides added value in municipalities that receive slug loads from industrial sources



Product Info

The catalysts in Qwik-Zyme D reduce sludge hauling and digest the toughest forms of undigested BOD. Lint, paper fibers, plant tissue, and oils typically settle out in a wastewater plant then end up in the digester. Using Qwik-Zyme D prevents undigested BOD from bulking the sludge and impeding settling.

Do you spend too much money hauling sludge? Do you have trouble land applying?
Qwik-Zyme D contains a biochemical catalyst, developed by our lab, that when added into a wastewater treatment plant, digester, or sludge storage tank degrades all the grease, oils, waxes, and papers the bacteria cannot. This liberates difficult-to-access carbon and turns it into food for the bacteria, creating less sludge.

This improves settling, creates a denser sludge and gives you much less to haul. It’s far cheaper than diesel.

Dose Rate

Qwik-Zyme D for Wastewater Plants
Qwik-Zyme D for Wastewater Plants
Qwik-Zyme D for Wastewater Plants
Digester Volume (Gallons)
Initial Dose (Once per day for 60 days)
Maintenance Dose (Once per day)
100,000 gal
0.5 gal
1 qt
300,000 gal
1.5 gal
3 qt
500,000 gal
2.5 gal
1.25 gal

Product Pairings

If experiencing bulking or foaming send send us a sample using our Microanalysis & Filament Origins test kit to receive a complete analysis and treatment plan.

Applications and Benefits

  • Improves settling
  • Improves dewatering
  • Reduces digester sludge volume
  • Lowers polymer use
  • Lowers sludge hauling



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