CounterQuat is a next generation technology developed to protect wastewater bacteria from toxicity, especially the effects of quaternary amines.

The use of quaternary amines has risen in all markets, but product to protect wastewater biology against quats have not risen to match.

CounterQuat was created to aid wastewater operators who have no control over toxic compounds that may come down the drain, especially from food companies or institutions who must sterilize their facilities against harmful bacteria.

In addition to protecting against Quats, Counterquat can also help to prevent toxicity upsets related to peracetic acid (PAA).

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Shield Your Plant From Quat

CounterQuat works by further developing the Polyprotein Matrix that bacteria naturally use to shield themselves from environmental toxins. Counterquat develops and strengthens this defensive barrier. CounterQuat can be fed upstream of the plant or directly in the plant with excellent results. CounterQuat is an easy-to-feed liquid that is excellent for wastewater plants concerned with incoming toxicity killing their organisms and causing a cloudy effluent and loss of nitrification.

Quaternary Ammonium Cations (QACs, or Quats) are a major concern for wastewater operators dealing with food processing waste. Acute events can wipe out a plant, and even low amounts can disrupt a plant’s biomass when cold weather or other inhibitory factors are involved.




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