VitaStim Refinery

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Control

  • Works in industrial and commercial wastewater treatment plants
  • Degrades oil chemistries
  • Offsets toxicity from hydrocarbons
  • Helps oil soil remediation


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Every Refinery Needs Reliability

Product Info

Every Refinery Needs Reliability

The petroleum refining industry operates a wide variety of physical and chemical treatment processes. With the latest in developing crude oil blends and refinery output rates, we are seeing a rise in contaminants and solids. This adds stress on aging wastewater plants and techniques.

Increased combinations of contaminants, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, glycols, amines, sulfides, and heavy metals, are creating upsets and operational setbacks. This is due to insufficient primary treatment or lack thereof. Refineries processing crude oils and petroleum knock down nitrification often. VitaStim Refinery helps breakdown the contaminants in refinery waste that kill off nitrification.

The wastewater lagoons following a refinery plant build up with algae and organics. This is due to the outgoing COD feeding the organics. VitaStim Refinery will compete by degrading COD and petroleum contaminants.

VitaStim Refinery is specifically designed to uplift your plant and stabilize it from the start. It introduces biostimulants and micronutrients to give the wastewater process the tools it needs to degrade high concentrations of contaminants in refinery waste.

Biological Solutions for Soil Remediation
VitaStim Refinery is used for biological clean up of petroleum contaminated soils. Open the PDF below to learn about bacteria and soil remediation, and the steps for success.

VitaStim Refinery and Soil Clean Up.

Dose Rates

Wastewater Plant Dosing

Flow Rate (Gallons per day)
Initial Dose (Once per day for 30 days)
Maintenance Dose (Once per day for 30 days)
100,000 GPD
0.5 lb.
0.5 lb. every other day
500,000 GPD
2.5 lb.
1 lb.
5 lb.
2.5 lb.
Soil Rehabilitation
Add 1 lb to 3 lb per 100 cubic feet. Moisten soil and till. Keep the soil warm and rotate the pile monthly. In cold climates cover with plastic tent to increase soil temperature.

Product Pairings

For severe loss in nitrification, use our VitaStim Dynamic Duo.

Applications and Benefits

  • Industrial WWTP
  • Commercial WWTP
  • Achieve and maintain environmental limits
  • Prevent costly upsets
  • Provides system flexibility
  • Improves COD removal
  • Improves ammonia removal



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