VitaStim Winery Treatment – Winery Waste Digesting Bacteria

Rapid expansion of wineries over the past decade have increased demand for a more sustainable wastewater process, and with tightening grips on environmental compliance and the lack of water and manpower, wineries are struggling to operate an efficient and effective wastewater treatment.

Winery wastewater treatment suffers from immense levels of BOD and tannins that causes the plant to break permits. These high levels are extremely variable as production of wine changes often. This means the plant struggles to survive because the bacteria are either in feast or famine mode.

VitaStim Winery introduces micronutrients and biostimulants to significantly increase BOD reduction, keep bacteria thriving in low food conditions, and bring wineries back into compliance. This will lower the need for maintenance and allow for the reuse of water.

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Winery Wastewater Needs Sustainability

Winery wastewater struggles to keep a sustainable operation because of their variable production stages. The loading can shift from almost nothing to incredible high points. The organic loading during the racking stage can be 10 times as much as municipal wastewater. When a loading that massive shifts into almost nothing, it causes upsets in the bacterial environment, which immediately leads to permit violations in TSS, ammonia, and BOD.

Among these pressing concerns, wineries are being forced to upgrade their wastewater process to meet the changing demands on environmental compliance. Septic systems and traditional wastewater lagoons are failing to lower BOD, TSS, and tannin levels. Introducing VitaStim Winery can save older or failing winery wastewater systems.

Specially designed for winery and high sugar waste, VitaStim Winery has select biostimulants that give the bacrteria the tools they need to break down high BOD loads.  The micronutrients introduced give the biomass a fighting chance during light loads.

No matter what type of wastewater process, VitaStim Winery will benefit it. VitaStim Winery will keep the bacterial environment in check by introducing the right amount of biostimulants to lower BOD during heavy production and keep the bacteria alive during light. This will lower labor costs and allow wineries to reuse water, pushing the idea of a greener, more sustainable winery.

VitaStim Winery Benefits

  • Significantly Lowers BOD and Tannin Levels
  • Keeps Bacteria Thriving During Light Loads
  • Lowers Labor and Maintenance
  • Reuse and Save on Water
  • Keeps Winery In Compliance

Please Take Note of VitaStim Winery
VitaStim is a product which contains micronutrients, biostimulants and carefully selected bacterial cultures. The cultures will grow and reproduce in a wastewater process, and often times we are asked, “What happens if we reuse the water back on the vineyard?  These bacteria are helpful in the soil as they support the fixation of nitrogen and phosphorous, and they form a symbiotic relationship with the roots. We are currently studying this symbiotic relationship in more detail.

Case Study – VitaStim Winery

Challenge: A customer in Napa Valley had periodic concerns with the wastewater treatment proccess of their winery.  The plant was either overloaded and stinking or underloaded and starving.  The winery did not have time to watch over the wastewater treatment plant and needed something that would stabilize it to allow for less maintenance.  The customer had used bacterial products in the past, but could not tell if they did anything at all.

Flow Rate:
High 120,000 gpd
Low 0 gpd
High 3000 ppm
Low 60 ppm
Dissolved Oxygen:
High 6.0 ppm
Low 0.3 pm

Solution: Their flow rate varies between 0 gpd on the low end and 120,000 gpd on the high.  At this particular time they were averaging 60,000 gpd, and the effluent was turning cloudy.  They added 1 lbs per day of the VitaStim Winery for 10 days and then dropped back to 1/2 lbs per day there on after.
Results: The VitaStim Winery stabilized their process, allowed for less maintenance, and the reused water is consistently clear.  When they get hit hard, they bump up the dose for a few days.
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