Meat Processing Anaerobic Lagoons

Many meat processors will incorporate treatment of anaerobic lagoons into their process as a way of dealing with fats, oils and grease. Since FOG degrades more slowly in aerobic systems than anaerobic, this is a helpful first step to knock down the COD.

These anaerobic lagoons often face significant challenges. For example temperature control is typically not an option, meaning the methane forming bacteria spend a considerable amount of time outside of their preferred temperature range, and are less efficient than they could be. Mixing is also generally very poor, meaning the more difficult to digest forms of organics can accumulate and lower the capacity of the lagoon over time.

Another common issue is the build up of excessive grease below the cover, sometimes 5+ feet thick. When excess grease builds up it not only lowers capacity, but also limits the anaerobic lagoons effectiveness at removing BOD from the waste stream. This can have a significant affect on downstream aerobic process, by making them receive higher BOD, and making them more prone to foaming issues.

For helping improve anaerobic lagoon performance we often turn to our biocatalysts. Biocatalysts help speed the conversion of difficult substrates into volatile acids, and ultimately into methane. When more substrate is converted to methane, the result is less undigested material accumulates in the digester, and COD and TSS exiting the anaerobic lagoon decrease. Biocatalysts can also help reduce undigested organics accumulations, or reduce an existing grease cap. One of the keys to a successful treatment is matching the correct biocatalyst to the target substrate. For example we use Qwik Zyme L to attack fats, oils and grease. We use Qwik Zyme P to attack proteins.

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