VitaStim Sludge Reducer – Lagoon Sludge Removal

The Dredging Days Are Over

Clean up your sludge and your effluent. VitaStim Sludge Reducer combines the latest collection of probiotics, bio-stimulants and select pseudomonas bacterial cultures to degrade the toughest wastes in ponds and lagoons.

Sludge Reducer naturally decreases sludge blanket thickness at 1/10th the cost of dredging. With VitaStim Sludge Reducer you can easily remove 30-60% of sludge from your lagoon. As the bacteria go to work consuming organics you’ll also notice improvements in effluent BOD, TSS, and decreased odor.

Use VitaStim Sludge Reducer during the warm weather months when water temperatures are around 64-75° F. For the hottest months, switch to our VitaStim Summer Slam, made from bacteria selected for their high activity rates in warm water. Complete your program with VitaStim Polar when water temperatures drop in the winter.
• Water Temps Above 76°F: use VitaStim Summer Slam
• Water Temps Below 64°F: use VitaStim Polar

Boost VitaStim’s Performance with:
OxyPaks XL– Granular Oxygen Source
BugJuice– Catalyst for Converting Insoluble BOD

  • 30 lb. Container, 1 lb. water-soluble packs ($457.50)
  • 30 lb. Container, 1/2 lb. water-soluble packs ($457.50)

The Science Behind It

Over time lagoons accumulate a sludge blanket that causes issues with algae, high TSS, poor BOD removal, bad odors, and ammonia spikes. In colder climates this sludge blanket accumulates even faster due to lower biological activity during the cold months. VitaStim Sludge Reducer is a great biological alternative to dredging. It activates the natural degrading environment, while also adding beneficial bacteria to degrade and digest the sludge buildup on the bottom of the ponds. This is a natural solution that costs significantly less than intrusive and mechanical dredging.

Municipal and industrial wastewater contains all sorts of insoluble BOD and organics that are difficult for the naturally occurring bacteria to degrade. Items like paper, grease, complex starches and proteins that aren’t readily degraded end up forming the sludge layer in a pond. The bacteria in VitaStim Sludge Reducer were selected for their ability to degrade these compounds. To boost its performance we often pair it with OxyPaks XL, which releases large amounts of oxygen to supercharge the bacterial activity. Many also use our BugJuice to help convert those insoluble BODs to forms that the bacteria can degrade even faster.

In addition to degrading sludge, the bacteria cultures unselectively consume organics in the water column. Our customers always see dramatic reductions in BOD, COD, and TSS. And many of the organics being degraded are the same organics that contribute to odors during warm months and turnover. By getting better digestion of these components you are able to take proactive steps now to eliminate odor issues at any time of the year.

A customer went from 24″ of sludge in a 40 acre wastewater lagoon system to just 6″ of sludge in just two years with the combination of VitaStim Sludge Reducer and OxyPaks XL. These products are the best solution for wastewater operations with heavy sludge, percolation ponds, or rock filters. Percolation ponds and rock filters tend to build up with sludge, algae and duckweed. These clog the surface and prevent water from trickling through them. The use of both these products help break up and digest organic matter so the water starts flowing again.

lagoon sludge reducer

VitaStim Sludge Reducer is used in temperatures between 60 – 78°F. For year round treatment and complete degradation of sludge, use VitaStim Summer Slam and VitaStim Polar in each products’ designated temperature range.  For best results use as directed and combine with OxyPaks XL and BugJuice.

VitaStim Sludge Reducer Applications

  • Lagoon System
  • Pond System
  • Municipal WWTP
  • Industrial WWTP

VitaStim Sludge Reducer Benefits

  • Removes 30%-60% of sludge
  • Degrades muck and dead organics
  • Lowers ammonia
  • Heavily degrades BOD and TSS

VitaStim Sludge Reducer Case Studies

48 Acre Lagoon System


A three lagoon system  in central Illinois receiving 25,000 gpd was getting bad odors every spring during “turnover.”  Turnover is when the water warms in the spring, lifting the compact sludge up.  Their large lagoons were about 6ft deep with around 2ft of sludge.  They have no aeration but enough wind action to give it white caps.  They need to minimize the sludge buildup, but like every city they were on a budget.  Hank, the public works director, began with skepticism, but that quickly turned around as his lagoons did.


They began adding 1 lbs a day of VitaStim Sludge Reducer per cell. (VitaStim Polar in the winter)


lagoon sludge reduction illinoisAfter a couple of months the odors started to subside, and within the first year they reduced 40% of sludge buildup, and equivalent to 3000 truck loads.  They continued the treatment with another 1000 truck load reduction the following year.  They continue to produce a superb effluent and have done a phenomenal job turning the system around.

6 Acre Lagoon System


lagoon sludge reducer mike and daveDave and Mike operate a pond system with one 4 acre and two 1 acre lagoons in a town noted for its famed Italian restaurants.  A manufacturer in town that produces frozen dinners and the manufacturer’s discharge is about 110°F. These high temperatures create low D.O. conditions that cause odors in the lagoon. Under further investigation, we found the industry was sending loads of cheese to Dave and Mike.


VitaStim Sludge Reducer was added daily into the lagoons and Qwik-Zyme P was metered into right at the factory’s effluent to pretreat before the lagoon system.


Qwik-Zyme P heavily broke down the proteins in the cheese making it significantly easier for the VitaStim Sludge Reducer and natural bacteria to reduce the   sludge buildup.

10 Acre Lagoon System


Greg and his team have a 3 cell system of one 6 acre and two 2 acre lagoons that were becoming inundated with sludge. The ponds were about 30 years old, not aerated, and have never been dredged or treated to remove sludge.


They began using VitaStim Sludge Reducer to add new cultures and to stimulate existing bacterial cultures.


The combination of new cultures and existing bacterial cultures produced a rapid and progressive decline in their sludge levels. During the progress Greg kept saying, “The ponds keep taking on more water, but we never had to discharge.” VitaStim Sludge Reducer worked to degrade the sludge and create more capacity. Progress of sludge removal was measured by performing sludge depth measurements prior to treatment and then again one year later

4 reviews for VitaStim Sludge Reducer – Lagoon Sludge Removal

  1. Verne

    I have run this pond for 10 years, after I added a few packets a week later I could see bottom of the pond. This has never been possible. I highly recommend this.

  2. Greg

    Our wastewater ponds were filling up with sludge and we could not afford to dredge them. In the first year of treatment, VitaStim Sludge Reducer removed 330 truckloads of sludge. We are very happy.

  3. Dave & Mike

    We have an industry in town and their loadings can sometimes cause our pond to go black and stink. The addition of OxyFresh and VitaStim Sludge Reducer really brings the ponds back fast. We have tried other products and nothing works as well. Aquafix provides excellent technical support and honest answers. We are believers.

  4. Tony

    I inherited a 22-acre pond that was incredibly overloaded – had enormous amounts of sludge, was in effluent violation, and odors had residents very upset, to say the least. VitaStim Lagoon Sludge Reducer really helped us degrade over 3000 truckloads of sludge and control odors. Aquafix provided excellent technical support.

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