BioGas1 – Anaerobic Micronutrients

Improve methane production and reduce sludge. Give your methanogens the tools they need — trace elements — to start performing at peak levels.

Methane-producing bacteria require trace metals to thrive. Supplementing these metals can help prevent anaerobic systems from going vile and produce large amounts of acid and foam. With a thriving methanogen population methane production increases, it’s easier to hold pH, and organics digestion accelerates resulting in less sludge to dispose of.

Our advanced formula of BioGas1 provides bioavailable cobalt, nickel and iron. There are a lot of myths about what metals and nutrients are helpful for a digester. We have found these three trace elements to be the most helpful, and formulated them to be 100% bioavailable so nothing is wasted.

*Anaerobic digester still need more of a boost? Learn about the rest of our anaerobic line with BioGas1 Companion Products.

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Anaerobic Digester Diagram

Anaerobic Digester

Methanogens Require Trace Elements

Methane production is both important for biogas and digester health. When methanogens don’t receive adequate food, the result is an overabundance of acid in the digester and a sharp drop in methane production.

Trace elements like cobalt, nickel, and iron are an essential component to the output of methanogenic bacteria. These bacteria need a steady supply of trace elements to form the biocatalysts necessary for methane production. Aquafix has developed a form of these crucial metals that is 100% bioavailable, which means the metals have been formulated to be completely absorbed by the bacterial cells. Putting in simple or commodity-based forms of these metals will not have any effect, as they are not taken up or used by the biology.


  • Anaerobic Digesters

Advantages & Benefits

  • Provides Essential Trace Elements Necessary for Methanogenic Bacteria
  • Improves Methane Production
  • Better Digestion, Less Disposal
  • Prevents Digesters From Going Sour
  • Restores Stability
  • Stops Foaming
  • Works Well For Food and Brewery Industries

Companion Products

Anaerobic Food Supplement provides the building blocks for anaerobic life in the form of micronutrients and a BOD source. Methane-producing bacteria use this product to grow exponentially faster than without this food source.

Qwik-Zyme L handles the volatile fat, oil, and grease that enter anaerobic digesters and can cause foaming and upsets. Anaerobic digesters that use Qwik-Zyme L are less likely to go sour than digesters that don’t.

Additional Anaerobic Information

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Case Study – Aquafix BioGas1

Challenge: A corn processing plant in Illinois lost methane production from their 500,000 gallon mesophilic anaerobic digester. As production increased, their methanogens couldn’t keep up. This caused COD levels as well as fats, oils and grease to rise in the supernate. This also contributed to upsets in the adjacent aeration process.

Solution: They initially added 5 gallons of Aquafix’s BioGas1 to jump start. Then dropped to 1 quart per day there on after.
Results: Within two weeks their digester produced a yellow flame, and in another two weeks it was back to a healthy blue with lower outgoing COD and FOG. The methane production rose and contaminant levels decrease, leaving the plant fully functional.

Anaerobic Digestor Methane Before & After

Case Study – Digester Foam & Methane Loss


Challenge: A municipal wastewater treatment plant in Kansas called with an anaerobic digester overflowing with foam.  This digester has produced minimal methane for over two years, and within a week of the foaming issue, lost all methane production.

Solution: The plant first sent Aquafix a samples of the foam and mixed liquor, where our labs identified the disruptive filaments.  The plant then added our Foam Buster at the aeration basin along with BioGas1 in the anaerobic digester. 
Results: Within two weeks the digester stopped foaming and started producing the best methane it ever has.


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