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Bug On A Rope

Set It and Forget It, Lift Station Grease Control

(8 customer reviews)
  • Provides 24/7 grease control in lift stations and sewer lines
  • One brick can last up to 10 weeks, depending on flow rate
  • Lowers downstream BOD and hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Each brick comes with 3 ft of rope attached



Bug On A Rope in the Field

Product Info

Bug On A Rope is a unique bacterial block for lift station grease control.

The center of the Bug On A Rope is filled with instant impact pseudomonas bacteria that have a big impact in the first weeks. The biostimulants on the outside are rich in oxygen and key nutrients that ensure the grease-eating bacillus are released with maximum activity.

Hang Bug On A Rope under the incoming flow and it will slowly degrade, releasing the two powerful systems of bacteria into the lift station. These bacteria not only help consume grease, but also digest BOD and lower H₂S in the collection system.

The Story Behind Bug On A Rope
About four years ago a customer of ours, Dan, was using a netted brick from a janitorial supply company, and he said it worked so-so. We went to work studying grease deposits from lift stations and what types of bacteria were truly needed. We went to work studying FOG deposits found in lift stations (animal fat, vegetable oils, etc.) and what blend of bacteria and biostimulants were needed to truly control it. It took us three years of research and development to come up with the Bug On A Rope, which was named by another customer, Mitch. Both of these customers still use the product as their only source of grease control and swear by it.

Dose Rates

Bug On A Rope Average Dissolving Rates (For Bug On A Rope Jr, contact your technical rep)
Bug On A Rope Average Dissolving Rates (For Bug On A Rope Jr, contact your technical rep)
Flow Rate (Gallons per day)
Life Span (Knock off remains into lift station; replace as necessary)
50,000 GPD
10 weeks
100,000 GPD
4 weeks
300,000 GPD
2 weeks

Product Pairings

Pair with GreaseZilla to accelerate results, especially if old, hardened grease is present.

Applications and Benefits

  • Bug On A Rope provides a big boost to any lift station
  • Releases seven strains of bacteria, productive biocatalysts and oxygen-rich biostimulants
  • Degrades fats, oils, and grease in lift stations and sewer lines
  • Lowers BOD & sulfide generation
  • Works 3x better than its soap-on-a-rope counterpart
  • When it’s done, you simply pull out the plastic core

Case Studies

Case Study – BAI Engineers

Download BAI Engineers Case Study


8 reviews for Bug On A Rope

  1. Jonathon M (LA)

    A product that does what it says will do. Saves time and money. I noticed a change immediately upon first useing and I notice a major difference if I stop my dosage. Extremely easy to use. The combination of both bug on a rope and greasezilla has kept us from having zero down time on a liftstation

  2. Chad L. (WI)

    Works well as advertised

  3. Fred R. (PA)

    Worked excellent!

  4. Vicky W. (IA)

    Very good product that we order regularly

  5. Syed H. (Alberta CA)

    Big on a rope ,works like a soap, it’s slowly degrease grease.

  6. Alan

    It worked so nice in my wet well that the neighboring wastewater plant came to see it. I have a large flow, 0.5MGD, so it only lasts a few weeks. I don’t care, the grease goes away!

  7. Chuck

    We have a lot of small lift stations (10-20,000GPD). We can keep them clean most of the year, but come Thanksgiving and Christmas we get overloaded, and I hate getting alarm calls when a float gets hung up. Bug On A Rope has really helped.

  8. Jasen Kaschub

    Excellent! I was using lift station degreaser, a citrus based product. It helped but all it did was move the grease to my activated sludge tank. I had greasy looking film and bubbles forming in sections of the tank. I decided to give the bug on a rope a try after hearing about it from a WRWA staff member. WOW! Completely cleared up the issue. My lift station looks a lot better and my activated sludge tank is unbelievable. Would definitely recommend this product.

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