Remove hardened lift station grease

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  • Powerful biocatalyst technology that speeds grease removal while lowering odors
  • Lowers downstream BOD and dangerous hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Works best in lift stations, collection systems, and grease traps



GreaseZilla In the Field




Product Info

GreaseZilla is the fastest-acting grease control product for heavy grease and old hardened accumulations. It combines hydrophilic bacterial cultures with a fast-acting biocatalyst that quickly breaks up and digests grease in lift stations. It can also be used in kitchen drain lines and grease traps.

Unlike caustic or solvent based grease treatments, GreaseZilla will not result in a slug of grease being pushed down stream. The entirely biological action allows the grease to be irreversibly digested. And it is safe for the applicator as well as equipment.

Operators are fighting against the issues caused by “flushable” wipes all over the country. While marketed as biodegradable, the majority of these wipes are made from polyester, a material that generally takes 20 to 40 years to break down. Aquafix has seen firsthand the clogs and compacting these wipes cause, binding together with grease and other matter in sewer lines and lift stations. The wipes really begin to cause problems when combining with grease to form mats and floating, clogging lift stations. GreaseZilla dramatically hydrolyzes grease to rob flushable wipes of the glue they need to form large clumps and keep operations running smoothly.

Dose Rates

Lift Stations, Collection Lines, and Sewer Lines
Lift Stations, Collection Lines, and Sewer Lines
Lift Stations, Collection Lines, and Sewer Lines
Flow Rate (Gallons per day)
Initial Dose (Daily for 1-2 weeks)
Maintenance Dose (Twice per week)
10,000 GPD
6.5 oz
6.5 oz
100,000 GPD
0.5 gal
0.5 oz
500,000 GPD
2.5 gal
2.5 gal
5 gal
5 gal
Grease Traps
Grease Traps
Grease Traps
Grease Trap Size
Heavy Dose (Twice per week)
Maintenance Dose (Once per week)
1,000 gal
0.5 gal
8 oz
10,000 gal
5 gal
0.5 gal
20,000 gal
10 gal
1 gal

Product Pairings

Pair with Bug On A Rope for the initial treatment of high grease lift stations.

Applications and Benefits

  • Lift stations
  • Wet wells
  • Drain lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Grease traps
  • Degrades and breaks down grease
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Fact-acting formula
  • Contains no petroleum solvents
  • Great results
  • Non-flammable
  • Gentle on cords and floats
  • Works well for winter holiday overload


7 reviews for GreaseZilla

  1. Steve C (IL)

    We use Greasezilla in our wet wells and lift stations. It does and amazing job at removing grease initially. Then it is a simple maintenance schedule moving forward.

  2. Jonathon M (LA)

    As easy as 1 2 3. My grease traps are no longer my worries The combination of both bug on a rope and greasezilla has kept us from having zero down time on a liftstation

  3. Kevin K. (WI)

    seems to work well to minimize grease in our influent wet wells at the WWTP as well as our 2 lift stations.

  4. Louis N. (MO)

    Good product.

  5. Rocky W. (FL)

    Works great in lift station

  6. Kaleb G. (IL)

    Love these products, use them every year

  7. michael

    I have seen Greasezilla’s impressive results first hand at a number of lift stations plagued by FOGS. One in particular was seafood buffet that got hammered during the summer. We were pumping the lift station serving it out every 2 weeks. Greasezilla helped keep our float switches grease free and improved odors coming from it and into the restaurant parking lot.

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