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GreaseZilla is a revolutionary new grease-digesting bacteria complex. It softens and removes grease, degrades grease on the walls, and lowers hydrogen sulfide. In lift stations, this is the top product for grease removal.

GreaseZilla combines hydrophilic bacterial cultures with a fast acting biocatalyst that quickly breaks up and digests grease in lift stations where it has hardened on the walls.

Say Goodbye to Fires

Bug On A Rope and GreaseZilla are great alternatives to Red Hot Sewer Solvent. Red Hot is an extremely dangerous granular or liquid hot solvent that uses caustic soda to heat up and melt grease, a process known to start fires on more than one occasion. The heating method also poses problems downstream as the grease will cool, solidify, and enter the wastewater treatment plant.

We strongly recommend our products as safe alternatives. GreaseZilla and Bug On A Rope are biological products that cause no drastic change in temperature and fully degrade the grease instead of melting and moving it down the line.

GreaseZilla is also an excellent solution for grease removal in kitchen drain lines and grease traps.

*Unsure which grease product to use? See a breakdown of grease solutions.

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Degrade It, Don’t Push It!

Most grease removal products are citric-based oil-separators that just push along the grease or don’t work at all. If pushed, the harmful materials go right to the wastewater treatment plant, which can cause major upset and foaming. GreaseZilla will degrade and digest heavy buildup of fats, oils and grease stuck on the the walls of lift stations and pipe lines, leaving the wastewater free of incoming grease.

Also great for those winter holiday overloads, like Thanksgiving.

Flushable Wipes Clogging Lift Stations

Operators are fighting against the issues caused by “flushable” wipes all over the country. While marketed as biodegradable, the majority of these wipes are made from polyester, a material that generally takes 20 to 40 years to break down. Aquafix has seen firsthand the clogs and compacting these wipes cause, binding together with grease and other matter in sewer lines and lift stations. The wipes really begin to cause problems when combining with grease to form mats and floating, clogging lift stations. GreaseZilla dramatically hydrolyzes grease to rob flushable wipes of the glue they need to form large clumps and keep operations running smoothly.

*For maximum grease removing results use with Bug On A Rope.

GreaseZilla Applications

  • Lift Stations
  • Wet Wells
  • Drain Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Grease Traps

GreaseZilla Benefits

  • Degrades and breaks down grease
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Contains no petroleum solvents
  • Great Results
  • Non-Flammable
  • Gentle on cords and floats
  • Works well for winter holiday overloads
Grease Removal & Control in Wet Well

Companion Products

Better Together: Bug On A Rope and GreaseZilla. Our top lift station grease products are even better at tackling the toughest grease when used together. GreaseZilla Liquid’s aggressive liquid biology clings to grease and dissolves it completely, making it perfect for addressing hardened and old accumulations, and its hardworking bacteria make it perfect for eating up severe incoming grease loads. After existing accumulations are degraded, Bug On A Rope is placed in the lift station to provide continuous maintenance for grease degradation.


Unsure of which Aquafix grease product to use on your issue?


Lift stations over 20,000 GPD
Lift stations under 20,000 GPD
Grease Traps
Extreme Buildup
Bug On A Rope
Bug On A Rope Jr
GreaseZilla Liquid
Qwik-Zyme L
VitaStim Grease

Contact your technical rep for custom recommendations and more information

4 reviews for GreaseZilla – Grease Removal

  1. michael

    I have seen Greasezilla’s impressive results first hand at a number of lift stations plagued by FOGS. One in particular was seafood buffet that got hammered during the summer. We were pumping the lift station serving it out every 2 weeks. Greasezilla helped keep our float switches grease free and improved odors coming from it and into the restaurant parking lot.

  2. Kaleb G. (IL)

    Love these products, use them every year

  3. Rocky W. (FL)

    Works great in lift station

  4. Louis N. (MO)

    Good product.

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