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Introducing the NO NETTING Bug On A Rope! Bug On A Rope is a unique bacterial block for easy lift station grease control. Unlike any other bacterial brick out there, this unique formula binds together bacteria and biocatalysts with a slow release oxygen-rich biostimulant base.

Bug On A Rope and GreaseZilla Liquid are great alternatives to Red Hot Sewer Solvent. Red Hot is an extremely dangerous granular or liquid hot solvent that uses caustic soda to heat up and melt lift station grease. This proposes problems downstream as the grease will cool, solidify, and enter the wastewater treatment plant. We strongly recommend our products as safe alternatives.

NOTE: This product comes with 3 ft of rope, in order to allow you to customize the product to the depth of your lift station. Use a nylon rope for the remaining length, and attach it to the end of the rope provided.

*Unsure which grease product to use? See a breakdown of grease solutions.

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Traditional Grease Control Bricks

messy bio-block


Traditional bricks for grease control are made with hardened soap, wax and oils.  The same materials that build up in lift stations. This means the bricks have to degrade their base in addition to what is in the lift station.  The bricks are held together with a mesh net, which catches a lot of paper and makes them a mess to retrieve.

Advantages of Bug On A Rope:

  • Bug On A Rope provides a big boost to any lift station
  • Releases seven strains of bacteria, productive biocatalysts and oxygen-rich biostimulants
  • Degrades fats, oils, and grease in lift stations and sewer lines
  • Lowers BOD & sulfide generation
  • Works 3x better than its soap-on-a-rope counterpart
  • When it’s done, you simply pull out the plastic core

The Story Behind Bug On A Rope

About four years ago a customer of ours, Dan, was using a netted brick  from a janitorial supply company, and he said it worked so-so. We went to work studying grease deposits from lift stations and what types of bacteria were truly needed. We found all types of fat, oil and grease (animal fat, vegetable oils, etc), and then asked ourselves how can we bind this bacteria with biostimulants to really activate their growth. It took us three years of research and development to come up with the Bug On A Rope, which was named by another customer, Mitch. Both of these customers still use the product as their only source of grease control and swear by it.
Bug On A Rope Lift Station Grease

Companion Products

Better Together: Bug On A Rope and GreaseZilla Liquid’s. Our top lift station grease products are even better at tackling the toughest grease when used together. GreaseZilla Liquid’s aggressive liquid biology clings to grease and dissolves it completely, making it perfect for addressing hardened and old accumulations, and its hardworking bacteria make it perfect for eating up severe incoming grease loads. After existing accumulations are degraded, Bug On A Rope is placed in the lift station to provide continuous maintenance for grease degradation.


Unsure of which Aquafix grease product to use on your issue?


Lift stations over 20,000 GPD
Lift stations under 20,000 GPD
Grease Traps
Extreme Buildup
Bug On A Rope
Bug On A Rope Jr
GreaseZilla Liquid
Qwik-Zyme L
VitaStim Grease

Contact your technical rep for custom recommendations and more information

Case Study – BAI Engineers

See here how one Metro District saves $63,000 per month using GreaseZilla and Bug On A Rope!

Download BAI Engineers Case Study

Case Study – Lift Station Grease Control


Challenge: An Illinois municipality has a 100,000GPD lift station that regularly builds up with FOG. The operator wanted an easy and long-lasting product to correct the buildup of fats, oils, and grease.

Solution: Because the operator had placement limitations, he couldn’t place the brick directly in the current. He then placed two bricks on the bottom of the lift station about 4ft under the water.
Results: After 30 days, the bricks only dissolved about an inch each, but the lift station completely cleared up. The operator says the bricks last up to four months and claims it’s the only thing that’s worked!

Case Study – Grease Mat Elimination


Customer: North Carolina, Municipality

Lift Station: 50,000 gallons per day

Challenge: Prevent grease accumulations, and reduce frequency of pump outs.

The operators of this collection system had one troublesome lift station that required pump-outs at least quarterly. Almost immediately after each pump out the grease began accumulating a grease ring around the perimeter again. Over a period of about 1 month the the grease coverage would transition from a ring to a full floating mat of grease that interfered with float operations, resulting in excessive maintenance.


Given their flow rate of 50,000 gallons per day, we asked the operators to hang the Bug On A Rope brick directly under the incoming flow. With this placement, water runs over the block and it slowly dissolves, releasing its bacteria and biostimulants into the waste stream. We’ve found that including the correct blend of nutrients is just as important as the bacteria we select for Bug On A Rope. Within only a few short weeks operators were seeing dramatic improvements. The station now require much less frequent pumping, and maintenance costs and time spent are both dramatically decreased.


8 reviews for Bug On A Rope – Lift Station Grease Control

  1. Jasen Kaschub

    Excellent! I was using lift station degreaser, a citrus based product. It helped but all it did was move the grease to my activated sludge tank. I had greasy looking film and bubbles forming in sections of the tank. I decided to give the bug on a rope a try after hearing about it from a WRWA staff member. WOW! Completely cleared up the issue. My lift station looks a lot better and my activated sludge tank is unbelievable. Would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Chuck

    We have a lot of small lift stations (10-20,000GPD). We can keep them clean most of the year, but come Thanksgiving and Christmas we get overloaded, and I hate getting alarm calls when a float gets hung up. Bug On A Rope has really helped.

  3. Alan

    It worked so nice in my wet well that the neighboring wastewater plant came to see it. I have a large flow, 0.5MGD, so it only lasts a few weeks. I don’t care, the grease goes away!

  4. Syed H. (Alberta CA)

    Big on a rope ,works like a soap, it’s slowly degrease grease.

  5. Fred R. (PA)

    Worked excellent!

  6. Kevin J. (IA)

    Exceptional results and I does what they say Keeps the grease down in my lift station manholes

  7. Michelle S. (FL)

    Super fast shipping times, great customer service, thank you!

  8. Greg N. (WI)

    Works great! Our sludge and grease build up has gone down immensely in our lift stations in a couple weeks.

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