Argos Lagoon Algaecide


Argos is an effective chelated copper algaecide for getting rid of algae and lowering TSS. It is especially effective on branched, filamentous, and planktonic algae species. Chelated copper remains suspended in the water column longer than copper sulfate, allowing you to use less.

Algae is easiest to treat when water temperatures are above 60°F. Warm water encourages the algae cells to take up the copper. For best results start treatment early in the season, when algae has built up fewer defensive structures.

*For a complete treatment and best water clarity, learn more about using Argos with PondZilla Pro below.

5 gallon case


The Science Behind It

Argos, like all algaecides, is a temporary fix. The best way to improve long term health and performance of a wastewater lagoon is to minimize sludge accumulation. It is often sludge on the bottom that leads to many lagoon issues, such as high ammonia, BOD, and TSS. For reducing sludge, we turn to Sludge Rx, a pioneering tablet sludge control solution. For rebalancing of the lagoon system, operators use the VitaStim Lagoon Line; VitaStim Summer Slam, VitaStim Sludge Reducer, and VitaStim Polar.

Enhance Penetration with PondZilla Pro Pairing

You can get the most out of an algaecide and discourage algae regrowth by pairing it with an adjuvant. The best adjuvant is PondZilla Pro. The biocatalysts in PondZilla Pro aid in the penetration of the copper algaecide into the algae, break down algae’s defensive barriers, and help degrade the dead plant material so it doesn’t contribute to the sludge layer.

Tips and Tricks

For best results mix Argos and PondZilla Pro in a tank sprayer. Typical dilutions are 10:1 with water, see table below. Argos works on contact and is limited in its ability to travel laterally in a pond. This means even distribution over the surface of the targeted area is important to get the best result.


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