VitaStim Summer Slam – Lagoon Sludge Removal

VitaStim Summer Slam is a blend of biostimulants and select bacterial cultures designed to explode in warm temperatures, thus degrading sludge and waste at dramatic rates.

VitaStim Summer Slam removes 30%-60% of the sludge from your lagoon while clearing the water, reducing dredging, and lowering ammonia.

If temperatures are lower than 76°F, please use VitaStim Sludge Reducer or VitaStim Polar 

  • 30 lb. Container, 1 lb. water-soluble packs ($539.10)
  • 30 lb. Container, 1/2 lb. water-soluble packs ($539.10)

Stop The Expensive Dredging Now

Mechanically dredging wastewater lagoons and ponds is the most expensive and environmentally intrusive lagoon sludge removal. Aquafix is dedicated to providing the best biological and biochemicial technology to remove wastewater sludge. This in turn saves wastewater departments and cities thousands of dollars.

VitaStim Summer Slam is a customized blend of a gram-negative bacteria that delivers phenomenal results in temperatures at or above 76°F. It clarifies the water and reduces odors caused by compacted sludge.

VitaStim Summer Slam is used in the hottest summer months.  For year round treatment and complete degradation of sludge, use VitaStim Sludge Reducer and VitaStim Polar in each products’ designated temperature range.  For best results use as directed and combine with OxyPaks XL.

VitaStim Summer Slam Applications

  • Wastewater Plants
  • Wastewater Lagoons & Ponds
  • Wastewater Holding Ponds
  • Decorative Ponds


  • Degrades Sludge & Solids
  • Spikes Bacterial Activity
  • Consumes Nutrients
  • Promotes Water Clarification

VitaStim Summer Slam Case Studies

Rendering Plant Holding Pond


A rendering facility had a 4 acre pond, 6 ft deep, with about 4-5 ft of sludge that is discharged into everyday from the wastewater treatment plant.  This holding pond receives roughly 500-600 ppm of BOD, 7.8 pH, and 25-30 ppm of ammonia each day.  They needed an economical way to reduce the sludge, BOD, and odors.  In addition their pond downstream developed high TSS.


They began feeding 2 lbs per day of VitaStim Summer Slam along with OxyPaks XL for three months, then started VitaStim Polar to keep sludge at bay during winter.


Summer Sludge ReductionWithin three months, the sludge was reduced to 2-3 feet throughout the entire lagoon.  With the use of these products, the facility biologically reduced sludge, BOD and odors in their main holding pond, and reduced the TSS issue downstream. This facility continues this program every 2-3 years.


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