SeClear G – Algaecide

SeClear G is an effective algaecide that we pair with PondZilla to best clarify the water.  SeClear G is a chelated copper together with an ingredient that helps to lower phosphate.  The copper ion is taken up by the algae which kills the plant. PondZilla helps the copper ion get in the plant. Once SeClear G wounds the algae PondZilla will degrade it. This is how you get the best water clarity, and prevent dead algae from contributing to the muck or sludge layer at the bottom of the pond.

50 lb. Bag, Bulk



SeClear, like all algaecide, is a temporary fix. The best way to improve long term health and performance of a wastewater lagoon is to minimize sludge accumulation.  It is often sludge on the bottom that leads to many lagoon issues, such as high ammonia, BOD, and TSS.  For reducing sludge  we turn to the VitaStim Lagoon Line; VitaStim Summer Slam, VitaStim Sludge Reducer, and VitaStim Polar.

We use it because it’s effective.


-When algaecide is used alone a higher dose is necessary.
-When used with PondZilla or VitaStim, a smaller or moderate dose is greatly effective.
-For spray: Do not spray when wind speeds are over 15mph. Mix product with water at a 1:2 ratio (1 pounds of product, to 2 gallons of water)
-Even distribution over the water surface is important. When applied, the SeClear will not move laterally to affect areas not directly treated.


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