Sludge Rx

Biological sludge reduction tablets

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  • Bacteria and nutrients for sludge reduction
  • Use in wastewater lagoons or anywhere sludge accumulates
  • For best results, dose for 3+ months during warmer seasons

30lb Bag

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30 bags and up: $9.33/lb
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Product Info

Sludge Rx tablets will turn 1 foot of nutrient-filled sludge into a few inches of bacterial biomass. Designed for all types of wastewater facilities, these tablets not only initiate sludge removal but also lower effluent TSS, ammonia, phosphate, coliforms, and effluent pH.

Sludge Rx contains a synergistic blend of bacterial cultures and biostimulants that dramatically reduces sludge and nutrients in wastewater lagoons. The components of these tablets stimulate bacterial growth in the sludge layer and degrade difficult forms of BOD which results in lower effluent ammonia and phosphate. As the tablets degrade sludge, they go after the root causes of water quality issues that originate in the bottom.

The tablets excel in wastewater lagoons or ponds. They are also invaluable in treatment facilities that accumulate sludge under aerators or in stagnant corners.

Sludge—whether it’s in a lagoon, oxidation ditch, or aerator—is a rich source of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and all the nutrients at the bottom that make up the “internal nutrient reservoir.” These nutrients are released fastest when waters are warm in the summer. Once the sludge gets a few inches thick anoxic—or anaerobic—activity begins, which releases soluble reactive phosphate, ammonia, and nitrates.


Typically, treatments that move or remove the sludge will stir up and release a large number of these nutrients back into the water, causing elevated effluent levels.

The Diversiform Blend™ in Sludge Rx tablets prevents this by not only consuming the sludge, but also absorbing the nutrients and other volatile solids. Through complex enzyme pathways, the bacteria and biostimulants in this product accelerate the breakdown of sludge into smaller and smaller molecules. This in turn spurs the bacterial growth and uptake of nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphate. In the end, Sludge Rx turns thick levels of sludge into microscopic levels of bacterial biomass, water, and carbon dioxide. Every component in the tablets have been chosen for their abilities to consume large amounts of organics and for their hunger for problematic nutrients.

Tablet Technology
Unlike other bacterial amendments, Sludge Rx represents targeted sludge reduction. The dense tablets sink into the sludge and deliver bacteria and biostimulants directly where they are needed. This allows the operator to focus their treatment in the areas of greatest accumulation. With the tablet delivered directly into the sludge, all the ingredients remain in the area of treatment, making it the most efficient possible sludge reduction approach. This means application can happen as infrequently as once per month.
Sludge Rx can be applied in all weather conditions. The tablets can be broadcasted evenly over the surface of the targeted area by hand or with a spreader.


Dose Rates

Lagoon Application
30 - 60 lb per acre once per month
Aeration Basin Application
30 lb per 10,000 ft² twice per month

Product Pairings

PondZilla Pro is a biocatalyst that benefits your lagoon bacteria and can be used with the algaecide Argos.

The oxygen release from OxyPaks XL liberates the muck from anaerobic conditions, creating new pathways for the sludge-eating aerobic bacteria to consume it. The surge in oxygen also supercharges those same bacteria for even more sludge-degrading activity.

Applications and Benefits

  • Reduces nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, and fecal
  • Reduces BOD
  • Increases holding capacity
  • Improves water clarity
  • Controls algae and duckweed
  • Boosts lagoon performance
  • Minimized lagoon flips
  • Avoids the need to dredge
  • Makes it safe to snorkel


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