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DAZZeL Gamma

Dairy Odor Control

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  • Instantly neutralizes milk waste odors
  • Encapsulates odors, not mask them
  • Completely natural
  • Essential oils
  • Can be metered in


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Instantly neutralizes milk waste odors

Product Info

The best DAZZeL product for dairy processing plants with misting equipment. This product is custom blended with essential oils and neutralizers specifically for the waste streams from a milk processing plant. One milk plant in the middle of a city went from constant complaints to next to none just by using DAZZeL Gamma.

Dose Rates

Dairy Processing Wastewater Odor Control
Atomize (mist) 1 gal per day per 100,000 gal flow rate

Product Pairings

Pair with Qwik-Zyme P to breakdown odorous dairy waste.

Pair with Oxy Fresh to offset septic dairy odors and add additional DO.

Applications and Benefits

  • Dairy processing plants
  • Stops odor complaints
  • Rapidly neutralizes odor
  • Not a masking fragrance


1 review for DAZZeL Gamma

  1. David M. (ID)

    Highly recommend to anyone

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