DAZZeL Gamma – Dairy Odor Control

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DAZZeL Gamma – Dairy Odor Control is custom blending to help milk and dairy processing plants with excessive dairy odor control problems.

One milk plant in the middle of a city went from constant complaints to next to none just by using DAZZeL Gamma.

Call or E-mail for a sample: 888.757.9577 or email technicalservice@teamaquafix.com.

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The Science Behind It

Custom blended with an essential oil and neutralizers specifically for the waste streams from a milk processing plant. Instantly neutralizes spoiled milk odors.

DAZZeL Gamma – Dairy Odor Control Applications and Benefits

  • Dairy processing plants
  • Stops odor complaints
  • Rapidly neutralizes odor
  • Not a masking fragrance

1 review for DAZZeL Gamma – Dairy Odor Control

  1. David M. (ID)

    Highly recommend to anyone

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