OxyFresh – O2 and Odor Control

OxyFresh – O2 and Odor Control is the solution to combat low dissolved oxygen or septic conditions. These conditions can occur in wastewater plants for several reasons: heavy loadings, poor design, or just hot weather.  It is common for plants to experience low dissolved oxygen in the aeration basins.

The warmer the water the lower the dissolved oxygen saturation. Left unchecked, this can lead to filaments, poor settling, poor BOD removal and excess sludge production.

During this time it is common for primary clarifiers and lift stations to experience septic conditions coming into the plant, potentially causing sulfide corrosion, sulfide type filaments and poor settling.

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OxyFresh is an easy to apply liquid micronutrient that promotes metabolic activity of the aerobic bacteria.  Simply inject OxyFresh into the basin when you need it most (during periods of overloading or hot weather).  The plant will recover faster and have fewer odors with OxyFresh.  Blended into OxyFresh are odor neutralizers that knock out offensive odors.

OxyFresh is often used in lift stations as well. OxyFresh will prevent downstream odors.

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OxyFresh Applications

  • Wastewater Plants
  • Aerobic Digestor
  • Lift Station
  • Hauling Tanks

OxyFresh Benefits for O2 and Odor Control

  • Prevents Downstream Odors
  • Fewer Odors
  • Fast Recovery
  • Easy to Apply

6 Acre Lagoon


Dave and Mike operate a 6 acre pond system in a town noted for its famed Italian restaurants. They have a manufacturer in town that produces frozen dinners and the manufacturer’s discharge is about 110°F. These high temperatures create low D.O. conditions that cause odors in the collection system and lagoon. The Italian restaurant was also sending a lot of cheese waste to Dave and Mike.


VitaStim Sludge Reducer was added into the lagoons and OxyFresh was metered into their system.


VitaStim Sludge Reducer lowered sludge production and OxyFresh eliminated their odor problem.



A municipal wastewater treatment plant was having difficulty getting good dissolved oxygen levels, especially during the hot summers. The low dissolved oxygen was causing severe filaments, poor settling and odor problems.


The plant added 10 ppm of OxyFresh into the aeration basin.


They immediately noticed a difference. There were fewer odors and the filaments gradually went away and the settling improved. This city has used this product since 2008 and every year during the peak of the summer they turn to OxyFresh. OxyFresh provides their plant with better settling and fewer filaments.

Rendering Facility


A rendering facility suffers from bad hydrogen sulfide odors coming out of the force main into their plant. The sulfide levels were 30 ppm to 40 ppm. In addition to the bad H2S odors they run very low dissolved oxygen levels in their wastewater plant in the summer.


They injected OxyFresh at a rate of 2 ppm. The unique formula in OxyFresh not only controls H2S but improves dissolved oxygen transfer which then reduces filaments.


OxyFresh successfully removed the sulfide odors, lowered their sulfide levels to less than 5 ppm, and helped settle the plant during hot summer days. Graph in New Window


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