Algae Growth in Direct Effluent Pond

by The Lake Doctors, Inc. Aquatic Management Services


A 3.7 acre pond, that takes over 2 million gallons of effluent from a reclamation facility every day, was experiencing excessive algae growth.


Initial treatment began in May 2020 and inlcuded heavy use of PondZilla Pro and some use of a copper based algaecide to reduce and control the nutrient load. The treatment was applied every 15 days through the summer months (March – October), and then once per month (November – February). An aeration system that included 12 diffusers (1 per .3 acres) was also installed.

August 18, 2020

August 19, 2021

August 02, 2022


PondZilla Pro

The biocatalysts in PondZilla Pro aid in the penetration of the copper algaecide into algae, break down algae’s defensive barriers, and help degrade the dead plant material so it doesn’t contribute to the sludge layer.

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