Reducing Sludge & Improving Effluent in Lagoon Systems

by Dan McKeaton and Tyler Benz

Dive into the world of lagoon management with Reducing Sludge & Improving Effluent in Lagoon Systems Hosted by Dan McKeaton and Tyler Benz. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to learn from industry experts about reducing sludge buildup and enhance effluent quality. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or


01:19 Overview

01:53 Lagoons

03:46 Sludge Accumulation in Lagoons

11:22 Degrading for Sediment Reduction

12:56 Sludge Rx Development & Goals

21:36 Summary

22:10 Sludge Rx

24:15 VitaStim Lagoon Line

32:50 OxyPaks XL

33:55 DAZZeL ECO

34:50 Questions


Sludge Rx

  • Bacteria and nutrients for sludge reduction
  • Use in wastewater lagoons or anywhere sludge accumulates
  • For best results, dose for 3+ months during warmer seasons
Lagoon summer treatment for wastewater lagoon treatment

Summer Slam

  • Use in lagoons where water temperature is above 78°F
  • Removes 30-60% of sludge
  • Lowers TSS, BOD, and ammonia
wastewater testing sample kit

OxyPaks XL

  • Clarify water column
  • Clean sand filters
  • Minimize odors
  • Offset septic conditions