​Filament ID & Microanalysis Techniques

by Natalie Walton, Saylor Gilbert, & Tyler Benz

In this event, Lead Microscopist, Natalie Walton, Research Scientist, Saylor Gilbert, and Technical Consultant, Tyler Benz, will answer audience questions relating to common microscopic evaluations and what they mean. For additional information or questions, please contact us at 888-757-9577 or training@teamaquafix.com.


0:43 Overview

01:36 Why Microscopy is Important

02:08 Microbial Indicators

06:34 Putting the Pieces Together

09:56 Common Issues

16:26 Beyond the Microscope

17:20 Recap

19:25 Aquafix Microanalysis Kit

23:00 Q&A

wastewater testing sample kit

Microanalysis Test Kit

  • Identification of major and minor filaments
  • Precise explanation of filament presence and origin
  • Overview of floc structure, sludge age, and oxygen penetration
  • Treatment and process recommendations
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Lagoon sludge wastewater removal

Wastewater Microorganism Database

Our wastewater microorganisms database is a guide to identify what operators are looking at under the microscope, what is causing it, and provide a course of treatment when needed. We will dive into the biological process and identify the positive and negative impacts these organisms can have on wastewater plants by providing in-depth knowledge of the wastewater treatment process.