Unique Applications

Effects of Caustic Soda in Wastewater – Unique Application

A 5000 GPD wastewater treatment plant at a national park in Florida called for advice on adjusting pH in their...
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Odor Sludge Unique Applications

Unique Application: Wisconsin Onion Odor

While most wastewater issues are evident only to the operators, sometimes they are painfully obvious to anyone in the area....
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News Wastewater

2017’s Inspiring Woman of Wastewater: Annetta

“We have an ownership in our town. An ownership in the future, of our children and grandchildren. It is our...
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Midge Flies Unique Applications

Unique Application: Midge Flies in UV Disinfection Room

Clean UV Disinfection Room Secondary Clarifiers This covered UV Disinfection room looks beautiful now, but for a long time it...
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Foam Surfactants Unique Applications Wastewater

Unique Application: Eliminating Surfactants from a Tannery

BEFORE: Heavy foam due to surfactants AFTER: Foam free after treatment This Illinois municipality operates a 150,000 GPD plant with...
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Lagoons Sludge Unique Applications Wastewater

Unique Application: Bacterial Cultures for Targeted Sludge Reduction

A city in South Carolina operates an SBR wastewater treatment plant, with the effluent being held in a large lagoon....
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Anaerobic Foam Unique Applications Wastewater

Unique Application: Reversing Foam Buildup in an Anaerobic Digester

This company operates a 700,000 gallon anaerobic digester and an EQ tank that the manure and food wastes they receive...
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News Wastewater

New Wastewater Treatment Products 2018

New Wastewater Treatment Products for a New Year New and Improved for 2018: Boost N Lock, VitaStim Rebuild, Smart BOD,...
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Treating Duckweed

LEFT: Duck weed in holding pond prior to recirculation RIGHT: Duckweed in secondary clarifiers after being recirculated from holding pond...
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Unique Applications Upset Recovery Wastewater

Unique Applications: Quaternary Amines Incapacitating Lagoon

Quaternary Amine treatment on a wastewater lagoon. Not all issues are straightforward enough to be solved with a single product....
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