Unique Applications

Lowering Levels of Total Coliform in Wastewater Lagoons and Decorative Ponds

What are Total Coliforms? Total coliforms are a group of bacteria that are widespread in nature. All members of the...
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Espanol Microorganism

La espumación en las aguas servidas durante el invierno a causa de M. Parvicella

Durante el invierno, cuando la temperatura en las aguas servidas está entre 50-65°F (10-18°C), las grasas y los aceites se...
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Ask the Bugman Wastewater

How Important is Concentration in a Bioaugmentation Product?

Marketers sell bacterial or biocatalyst products by saying, "The concentration is “X” billion per gram!”  The “X” is usually between...
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Filaments Foam Surfactants Wastewater

Wastewater Surfactants 101

Surfactants are some of the most difficult things to breakdown in wastewater, especially true in the winter months, and are...
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Ask the Bugman Sludge

I’m Having Trouble with my Anaerobic Digestor. How Can You Help?

A: Anaerobic digestion uses both facultative (acid-forming) and anaerobic bacteria to degrade BOD. Anaerobic digestors are either very stable and...
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Ask the Bugman Sludge

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blankets (UASB Reactors)

Q: Our UASB reactor is not producing adequate sludge granulation or biomass. It starts to build biomass and get good...
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