The cold is known to bring many upsets to wastewater treatment plants, the most common being rising ammonia levels or a loss of nitrification.

Nitrifying bacteria have a thin cell wall, thus making them more susceptible to toxicity.  The cold weather only makes this worse by heavily slowing down the growth of the bacteria.  If the nitrifiers take a hit, there’s almost no chance of them coming back on their own.

Bringing back full nitrification is Aquafix’s speciality.  We’ve studied nitrifiers for years and developed the most concentrated formula along with beneficial micronutrients and contributing heterotrophic bacteria.  Text books will claim nitrosomas being the leading bacterial strain in the nitrification process, but we have found, through on-site research, this to be untrue.  Our testing has proven Nitrospira and Nitrosopira strains to be more effective in pushing the nitrification process in wastewater treatment systems.

The Nirification Process

Nirification is the biological oxidation of ammonia to nitrate.  The microbes like Nitrospira, Nitrospopira, and Nitrosomas will convert ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2-).  The nitrite is then converted to nitrate (NO3-) with the help of certain microbes like Nitrobactor.  Nitrates are less toxic than ammonia, but still contribute to TKN (Total Nitrogen).


Through the process of denitrifcation heterotrophic bacteria convert nitrate into nitrogen gas (N2) and it is released into the atmosphere.  This will lower your TKN levels to meet limits. Beware, too much denitrification can cause issues with settling.

VitaStim Dynamic Duo: Stop Rising Ammonia

VitaStim Dynamic Duo contains two products VitaStim Nitrifiers and Ammonia Assimilators. They contain specific nitrifying bacteria that push and pull the nirification process along quickly.  The ultra concentrated formula ensures fast regrowth, even in the cold temperatures.  Within 10 days, you will have full recovery (faster results in warm weather).  The VitaStim Dynamic Duo will restore balance during your winter woes.

ammonia removal in wastewater treatment plant

*Please note plants with bad settling, cloudy effluent or high TSS will be affected by rising ammonia levels as bacteria themselves are roughly 10 percent ammonia. Fix the settling and the ammonia levels fall, if not use VitaStim Dynamic Duo to restore nitrifying colonies.